Comic-Con isn't an event for the faint of heart. In many ways it is like a more relevant, hyper Sundance Film Festival full of strange and exotic nerd wildlife. Only At Park City, you don't have the Comic-Con pandemonium, and the San Diego attendees hardly ever get to see the actual movies and TV shows that thousands of people are schilling. In a day and age where breaking news is covered every second of every minute, Comic-Con takes this idea, centralizes into one finite spot...And then cranks up the intensity 1000 percent.

Basically, you need to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve to even keep your eyes above the water level. Whether it's attending a just scheduled panel for Godzilla in Hall H where Gojira himself has decided to attend, or standing in line for hours when you could be watching another, maybe even better panel, or accepting a dreaded "Free Hug," there are certain dos and don'ts that will make your time spent on the convention center floor a better experience for all involved.

We've boiled them down to "10 Important Tips for Surviving Comic-Con 2013."

1 Bring Jock Itch Powder

Superhero Jock Itch

The Con is a big place filled with people from all walks of life. At some point you are going to be using the bathroom. Pee will splash on your thighs. At some point, you'll be running to Room 24, then back to the main floor where everybody is peddling their wares, and then you'll be scampering to an event off site somewhere. The point is that your private area is your core, especially when you are at an event like this. You need to be comfortable, you need to be fluid, and there'd be nothing worse than meeting Kristen Bell or Michael Berryman with your genitals feeling like sandpaper. Doused in fire. Which is then covered in Chiggers. Don't be cheap, buy the good stuff. And make itch a thing of the past!

Now, take this newly learned knowledge and head into that convention center prepared for the best of the worst moments of your life. It's the true wormhole of all existence.