‘10,000 B.C.’ Clobbers DVD Competition

The new release took the top spot in all three home video categories.
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It was a good week to go prehistoric in home video. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 10,000 B.C. destroyed the competition in DVD sales, rentals and high-definition, beating out three new releases, for the week ending June 29.

The Roland Emmerich-directed 10,000 B.C. sold around 25% more than its nearest competition, fellow newcomer The Spiderwick Chronicles, which took second in sales and third in rentals. Fool's Gold, last week's top rental, slipped to second place this week.

Two more newcomers debuted nicely with the romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe taking the third spot in sales and sixth in rentals and the straight-to-DVD release Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs snapped up sixth place on the sales chart, particularly strong for a straight-to-video title.

On the 1080p side, 10,000 B.C. completed the sweep in capturing the Blu-Ray sales crown while The Spiderwick Chronicles came in a distant second place.

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  • edvolved • 7 years ago

    I'm not excited about this movie at all...I'm all for escapism, but this movie is seems so ridiculous. A filmmaker can put alot of ideas over the public's head, but this is just a laughable premise. I do have faith in Emmerich working on 2012 though...


    • teesterx • 7 years ago

      Wasn't impressed the first time I watched it in the cinema. By the time I saw the mammoths in a baking hot desert I'd had enough by far. Ended up more like a bad comedy than a prehistoric drama.


      • ed-wood • 7 years ago

        I like 10,000 B.C. when I saw it in the theater. I put in the dvd to watch it and got bored real fast. Not good for repeat viewing.


        • 2movieguys • 7 years ago

          I don't like Roland Emmerich...I Never saw "10,000 B.C." in theaters...& I wouldn't waste a dime renting it!! I have head nothing but bad things about it!!

          "Fool's Gold" was a bore! I gave that about a C-!


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