13 Scariest Things to Watch This Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is just a few short days away. Find out what IMDB has listed as their top must-sees this fright-filled season.
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13 Scariest Things to Watch This Halloween

While we anxiously await the return of Spooker Washington and his Halloween picks this year, IMDB (the 'self-proclaimed' authoritarian voice on movies and TV) have revealed their top 13 must-see movies and TV episodes to watch this Halloween, as selected by their own team of experts. From sinister classics like Hellraiser (which we included in our own http://movieweb.com/13-classic-horror-movies-streaming-now-on-netflix/classic horror movies list), The Shining and Alien, to family fare like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the diverse list covers a spectrum of genres and tones. Also included among the (un)lucky 13 are episodes of The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as a documentary on the history of witchcraft called Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages*. And if that wasn't enough, our own Spooker Washington has chimed in with alternative picks in case you've already seen these.



Not long after the Rubik's cube was introduced to Americans came this tale of a different kind of puzzle box, the kind you really don't want to solve...Or open. While the creepy Cenobites promise their victims eternity in a world of pleasure, pain and suffering, we only get see the pain and suffering part of that guarantee, underscored by the demon Pinhead's assurance that, in his words, "WE'LL TEAR YOUR SOUL APAAAAART." Available to stream on Netflix, along with all of its sequels. If you've already seen Hellraiser, Spooker Washington Suggests: Helldriver, which finds a young teen having to battle her cannibal mother and uncle, also available now on Netflix streaming.

To kick things off, you can watch Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages right here, right now!

* Quotes are attributed to IMDb's editorial team. Titles appear in no particular order. Spooker Washington appears on behalf of Movieweb and is not associated with IMDb.

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  • jasonkat • 2 years ago


    Yea i agree. there are lots of scary and not so scary movies out there that are still fun to watch. Even if some people dont like em.

    Like the movie "stepfather" remake that sh*t was good, and it got like a 6 on RT lol im like wtf?

    I loved trick r treat and most people didnt like it. so i dont know, maybe some people expect more. Yea van helsing was good So was wolfman.

    They threw in a cartoon, i would say "monster house" should go there. nightmare b4 xmas, Paranorman. or scooby doo on zombie island. lol


    • thedude-abides • 2 years ago

      I find it hilarious how Alien is on everyone's "best/scariest horror movies" list when, duh, it's clearly science fiction.

      Oh, and The Shining should be #1 on this and every list. Just sayin'.


      • instead8909 • 2 years ago

        @jasonkat the only two from the second list I haven't seen are:

        Fire in the Sky

        Paranormal Active

        There is a horror film called the House, a family moves into it. House 2 and 3 are terrifying as well.

        Things Under the Stairs,

        I recall a great horror story with a ghost, I think it's called GHOST Story.

        There's Ghoulies 1 and 2 which is cheesy but good.

        Leprechaun with Worick Davis, first three are better than the last three since Davis isn't in them.

        Candy man films are creepy but eery, Shocker and then there's the old Dracula series with Chris who portrayed Van Helsing.

        Seen a lot of horror, some better than others but still I enjoyed them.


        • brady1138 • 2 years ago

          Trick 'r Treat. If you watch nothing else on Halloween, watch Trick 'r Treat! Pretty good list otherwise!


          • jasonkat • 2 years ago

            Not to mention poltergeist.

            But there was this 1 other horror movie i saw when i was lil. but i 4got the name. maybe some1 can figure it out.

            Its like a ghost horror movie. This family moves into this white house, (mom, dad, and son) umm i think an old lady lives there, the mom has to care for her. She (the old lady) never leaves her room, the mom always sees ghost or a black car passing by that disappears. At the end of the movie, the family packs up to leave because strange things are happening. So she goes says bye to the old lady but never returns, meanwhile dad and son are waiting in the car, dad goes to check on his wife and he too never returns but gets thrown out the 3rd floor-window. the house starts to fall and parts falls on the car i think the son dies as well.

            The following day, the house is fine again and a new family pulls up.

            Hope some1 knows which movie im thinking about. it might of been out in the 70s (not sure) but it was scary.


            • jasonkat • 2 years ago


              Well no disrespect to that list (above) however, i grew up in the 80s so for me my time came when there was movies such as ...

              The Exorcist

              The Fog

              Friday The 13th

              Nightmare on Elm Street


              Fright Night

              Night of the creeps


              Pet Sematary

              The Shining


              Silver Bullet

              candyman.. ect.

              While most of em are not really "scary" Its a step up to what this list is. But today in 2013. theres a much better list than mine So i guess every 10yrs a much better horror movie list happens.

              So many great horror movies have been made thru out the yrs.

              Fire in the Sky

              The Possession


              The Last Exorcism

              Paranormal Active


              Stir of echoes

              Dead Silence

              Evil Dead

              Dark Skies

              Texas Chainsaw



              The Conjuring


              • instead8909 • 2 years ago

                I sort of stick to the older films because I grew up on them.

                Nightmare on Elm Street

                I've been watching some newer horror films of which I didn't get around to and love them.

                Eli Roth - I watched his Hostel film and hated it. Though I submitted to his TV show but before I had a chance to do anything it was taken off. episode 204 is now casting.


                • instead8909 • 2 years ago

                  @jasonkat I agree with you on that, The Exorcist it should be at the top. It was really frightening for me back then and I refuse to watch it now, Steven Kings It I refuse to watch again because I personally hate clowns.

                  I've never seen Donnie Darko, I own The Shinning and the book.

                  never heard of Trilogy of Terror, The Imposter or Haxan: Withcraft Through The Ages


                  • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                    hahaha, they call that a list, lol old timers might like this but we'r in 2013, 60% of today's scary movies should be listed, Hell The Exorcist didnt make the list, & that should be up top anybody's #1 list.


                    • jonspidey07 • 2 years ago

                      I think this is the best list so far, better choices this time

                      great reviews from Rotten Tomatoes:

                      Hellbound: Hellraiser II 50%

                      Donnie Darko 85% 'Richard Kelly's debut feature Donnie Darko is a daring, original vision, packed with jarring ideas and intelligence and featuring a remarkable performance from Jake Gyllenhaal as the troubled title character.'

                      House of Wax 95% 'House of Wax is a 3-D horror delight that combines the atmospheric eerieness of the wax museum with the always chilling presence of Vincent Price.'

                      Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages 88%

                      Alien 97% 'A modern classic, Alien blends science fiction, horror and bleak poetry into a seamless whole.'

                      The Shining 92% 'Though it deviates from Stephen King's novel, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is a chilling, often baroque journey into madness -- exemplified by an unforgettable turn from Jack Nicholson.'

                      Trilogy of Terror 90%

                      The Imposter 95% 'Despite its true-crime trappings, The Imposter is an utterly gripping and sometimes heartbreaking doc*mentary thriller cleverly told with narrative flair.'

                      Dracula 91% Bela Lugosi's timeless portrayal of Dracula in this creepy and atmospheric 1931 film has set the standard for major vampiric roles since.

                      haven't watched X-Files though nor Haxan: Withcraft Through The Ages, Donnie Darko, the 1975 Trilogy of Terror, The Imposter

                      I've seen the rest though including Season 1 of AHS and all of Buffy


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