2 New ‘The A-Team’ International Posters!

Take a look at this British one-sheet and quad for the Joe Carnahan remake.
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Empire has just released two brand new international posters for The A-Team, which will be released in American theaters on June 11 and British theaters on July 30. Click below on either of these new British posters to access our poster gallery for the film.

http://movieweb.com/movie/the-a-team/photos/PGEEvFFNLu8hIH/The A-Team

http://movieweb.com/movie/the-a-team/photos/PGEEvFFNLu8hIH/The A-Team

The A-Team stars Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel, Quinton Jackson, Yul Vazquez and will arrive in American theaters on June 11 and British theaters on July 30.

The A-Team was released June 11th, 2010.

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  • err2005 • 6 years ago

    yeah i don't like the posters either, but they haven't diminished my anticipation of the movie.


    • the-movieghost • 6 years ago

      Yeah, these "new" Posters really aren't anything to get hyped for. Everyone's looking great, especially Liam Neeson, but Rampage's "mowhawk" is a bloody joke.


      • cmrboi • 6 years ago

        umm and just how are these new? like its just the same promo pic as before... lame.. ha and whats with the background?


        • rufio • 6 years ago

          underwhelming. Cooper/Face looks great. BA/Rampage - awful. Coply/Murdoch - pretty consistent. Neeson/Hannibal - better than in the trailer so far, but still a stretch, but might work.

          at least they didn't center the poster around Biel (or Rampage).


          • stiles • 6 years ago

            this film is going to swallow


            • jonquest • 6 years ago

              I agree with Blockbusterfan001... I think the movie looks good but the posters are weak... unless they were going for a "we shot each of these actors separately in a studio and then superimposed them on a background" look...


              • kguy • 6 years ago

                Can't wait for the film, but the posters need to be better.


                • iamfratson • 6 years ago

                  i understand what they are going for, but i do feel the corniness to it.


                  • emmytt • 6 years ago

                    is it just me or are this posters really corny


                    • gallagher • 6 years ago

                      Al Bundy? You can't be serious... I don't see Neeson's hand down his pants...


                      • ed-wood • 6 years ago



                        • mmm-mmm • 6 years ago

                          Neeson has an Al Bundy look about him


                          • the-fallen • 6 years ago



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