The groundbreaking news revealed at Comic-Con last week was that Man of Steel 2 isn't going to be a straight up Superman sequel. Rather, it will feature the first ever big screen pairing of Kal-El and Batman, going toe-to-toe, if the proposed title Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman is any indication. As you can guess, this has sent the internet into overdrive as we debate what should happen in the film, what can happen in the film, and should this film even happen? Ever? Etc.

One thing this does do is open up the original Man of Steel film a lot. Lets be honest, while there was a lot to like about what Zack Snyder brought the screen, there was also a lot that left the viewership polarized.

Was the movie too choppily edited?

Were the characters developed too much and thus had no mystique (ie. boring)?

Were they developed in the same cookie cutter way they usually are in superhero movies?

Was the action out of this world or simply out of hand?

Initially, talk was what Man of Steel 2 should be about, which bad guys he should face, where he should venture to and more This all changed when he got a new co-star.

A little guy named Bruce Wayne.

How should this pairing of two of the most iconic superheroes be handled? What should we expect from a film like this? Should they be buddies? Enemies? Frenemies? Which one should be the bad guy? The good guy?

After much debate, we boiled it down to "5 Things That Must Happen When Batman and Superman Team Up in Man of Steel 2."

1 Bring back the Joker!

The Joker

They did it in The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest animated film and it seems like the right thing to do here. Before you go off and say that the late Heath Ledger created an indelible character and there's nothing anybody else could do with him, we would say you are both right and wrong. The late actor brought a villain to screen that movie audiences had heretofore never seen. However, it wasn't too long before we saw Ledger in green hair that we wondered how he could follow an actor as weighty as Jack Nicholson in that role.


Ledger makes Nicholson's Joker look like a joke. Literally. So if this movie were to find the right Joker (just like they need to find the right actor to fill the Batman suit), then we could potentially have something else people have never seen on the big screen before. Add to this all the new mayhem that a new Joker could bring (hopefully drawing on today's headlines like Christopher Nolan's films did), and this whole Superman/Batman mash-up could make this "sequel" easily transcend its predecessor. Oh, and have you been watching Under the Dome? Here's an idea for casting The Joker. Hire this kid, Alexander Koch. Maybe he's too young, but playing Junior Rennie, a sociopath that's kept his girlfriend chained in his father's bombshelter, brings the right vigor, brutality, smarm, evilness, and even compassion that The Joker needs. And he's got a mouth that needs no extra CGI effect.

What do you think? What do you want to see happen in Man of Steel 2?