6 Actors That Could Replace Hugh Jackman as ‘The Wolverine’

Director James Mangold confirms that ‘Wolverine 3’ will shoot shortly after ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, with or without Hugh Jackman. So who might replace the actor?
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6 Actors That Could Replace Hugh Jackman as ‘The Wolverine’

http://movieweb.com/the-wolverine-3-will-shoot-after-x-men-apocalypse-with-or-without-hugh-jackman/This past Sunday, The Wolverine director James Mangold revealed on Twitter that 20th Century Fox plans to shoot Wolverine 3 shortly after X-Men: Apocalypse wraps. The catch is, Hugh Jackman, who has played the character in seven movies over the span of fifteen years, might not return. As of yet, he is not even confirmed for X-Men: Apocalypse. What does this mean for the franchise? Well, according to Mangold, Wolverine will go on with or without the actor. Like James Bond before him, Logan is a character that will continue to live on the silver screen, just like he has in the comic books and the movie storyline itself, no matter who is swinging those antimantium claws. So, who might replace Jackman, an actor who unquestionably owns the role and is synonymous with it at this point?

Today, we look at 6 actors that could pull it off.

After all, Hugh was pretty much the last choice to taken on this iconic role back in the early 2000s. Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe were first sought out. When they ultimately passed, the role went to Dougray Scott. He had to step back because of obligations to Mission: Impossible 2. The weirdest casting choice came first, though. When X-Men started to come together way back in the late 90s, Bob Hoskins, the rotund little man from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, was Hollywood's perfect choice. Where do we land here in the teens? The superhero playing field has changed quite a bit...

1Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton

Perhaps the best choice to replace Hugh Jackman is fellow Aussie Joel Edgerton. Almost ten-years-younger, he has the right scruffy look and body type to pull off the character of Logan, and he has the attitude down. He is an acclaimed dramatic actor with strong roles in Animal Kingdom and The Great Gatsby, but he also knows how to hold his own when it comes to action, with strong work in Zero Dark Thirty and Warrior. He would be great for a one-off, or perhaps a new trilogy. The down side, though, is at 40-years-old, he may be too old to carry the mantel over the next 15 years.

Do you like any of these choices? Who did we leave off that might be just as good? Lee Pace? Jensen Ackles? Maybe 20th Century Fox should let Dougray Scott come back for a one-off. That would be pretty rad. Let us know your thoughts.

Wolverine 3 comes to theaters March 3rd, 2017.

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  • Author987 • 6 months ago

    people are afraid of change, of all the x men this is the only worth while one. Well, Logan does have a spot light on him from most of the films, except one.


    • titanictom • 6 months ago

      No One Can "Replace" Him Just Like No One Can Replace Chris Reeve As SUPERMAN When You've Got It You've Got It!!!!!!


      • Shumyle-Shafiq • 6 months ago

        Dwayne Johnson are you kidding? Tom Hardy seems fine, but DwayneJohnson & Liam Hemsworth are too mainstream, the rest don't fit quite well, so TomHardy appears good to our next wolverine.


        • actionhero • 1 year ago

          Hugh Jackman= Legend

          But if you have to Jeffrey James Lippold is the only guy who could do it well.


          • Aubrey-Fajardo • 1 year ago

            I can only see one person who can replace jackman and that is russel crowe.


            • Tyrone-Parmanand • 1 year ago

              What about Banshee's Antony Starr?


              • undeadslayer4 • 2 years ago

                @instead8909 bond doesnt count because there were many actors before craig who still did a great job and besides wolverine has never replaced before and only voice actors can do his role only in animated series and if he did replaced who knows what would happen


                • phatalphd • 2 years ago

                  Tom Hardy is the only actor on this list that could be believable. All the others are laughable at best.


                  • h-ryuga • 2 years ago

                    So in your opinion that is the that Wolverine can get in the movie. I huge, slow and no skilled guy. Hugh doing a good job or not I still want a more agile wolverine


                    • shuabert • 2 years ago

                      Yeah...let's stop looking at people who are 6'4" to to play a character that is supposed to be small (I know Jackman is tall, but there's no reason to go that route again; he was lightning in a bottle).

                      I like the idea of Edgerton. Hardy has too much of a puppy dog face (that's not an insult, I just don't think his look fits Logan). Hemsworth and Johnson: no. They're too big and too associated with other roles. The other two smaller actors seem like they could work, though I haven't seen them in anything to make a judgment on how well they would fit based on acting.

                      No mention of Stephen Moyer, though? He's the first name that's come to mind for me for a while when I asked myself this question.



                      • whiskeythieves • 2 years ago

                        Tom Cruise


                        • adamsandlerfggot69 • 2 years ago

                          Dwayne Johnson as the Wolverine? I can't believe that thought actually went through someone's head. Then to go as far as to suggest him in a wig like it'd look normal...god, that's just terrible.


                          • David-garcia-67788063 • 2 years ago

                            Here we go again. First batman, and now wolverine, I'm starting to wonder if movieweb is becoming more of a speculative forum and not having real film news.


                            • monkeyiron2-0 • 2 years ago

                              These choices started out good but ended f*cking silly


                              • instead8909 • 2 years ago

                                @undeadslayer4 other actors will replace Hugh if you don't like it anyhow. What if someone else blew us away by showing a better wolverine and I bet you'll say Hugh is the only Wolverine.

                                Gees man, its like Saying That only Daniel Craig can only be James Bond.

                                Move on.


                                • Lasse-Holst-Lundgren • 2 years ago

                                  Dwayne as Wolverine is such a retarded joke, honestly.

                                  But if Xavier can grow the beard then if we assume that they can take on the attitude and lift one eyebrow and make it say "Whatever" and "Ooooookay if you say so" in one single move, then you found some great candidates.

                                  With reservation against Tom Hardy being anywhere near as pumped as he can be.


                                  • Bailey-Giannini • 2 years ago

                                    There's no way Johnson could replace Jackman, but Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy might be able to.


                                    • dfella • 2 years ago

                                      fan boy fukn dickhe*ds....stop yur fukn dreaming


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