Now this is how you do a 'teaser' trailer. Sony Pictures exploded onto the scene this morning with their first official look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and instead of revealing their full-hand, they offered up a bounty of cool, unexpected moments, hinting at many things and enticing us just enough to know that we definitely want more. So far, this is the best trailer we've seen for any movie coming out in 2014. They nailed it. And these are the moments we're most excited for this morning.

1 The Rise of Electro

The Rise of Electro

For a long time, we didn't know what to expect out of Electro. Sure, we saw those pictures of Jamie Foxx in the blue make-up, and it looked a little goofy. Then we saw some of the electricity effects being utilized, and that eased our weary minds a bit. But now? Holy cow did they get this character right for a live action movie. He looks enough like the comic books, but still fits into the real world universe that is being created here, giving us something that is uniquely Marvel, and swings next to what Disney is doing with Marvel Studios. The big fight sequence between Spidey and Electro looks like nothing we've ever seen before, and we're getting a different kind of villain here. We also like that fact that this trailer doesn't dwell on him too much. We get none of the back-story behind Max Dillon. It would be awesome if they saved all of that for the actual movie itself. Listen, Sony, we're sold, don't sell us any more. (Sad thing is, they'll probably cut an Electro specific trailer that gives away his entire origin story).

How excited are you after seeing the first footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Does director Marc Webb look like he has this franchise on the right track?