Additional ‘Lost Boys 2’ Scenes Currently Being Shot

This could mean a theatrical release after all...
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Movie Picture Corey Feldman has updated us on The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe and The Two Coreys Second Season.

Ah, there is nothing better than some nice fresh air, a good work day, and a bit of news from our favorite pal Corey Feldman. He recently checked into his blog with updates on the two highly anticipated projects he has coming down the pipeline in the very near future.

First, Feldman dropped some new news about his upcoming film project The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. The movie was originally intended to have a direct to DVD release, but it seems like Warner Brothers is very happy with the finished product at this time. Fan Petitions have spoken quite clearly: They want to see this film on the big screen! Will that happen? There is no official word yet, but a DVD release date hasn't remotely been hinted at either. Feldman sights hope that the film will actually become a theatrical release, confirming the rumor that the studio has requested additional photography on the project. Feldman tells us, "It does appear that we will be doing some additional photography for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe next week. All signs are still positive on that front. I will try to sneak you a few more photos in the coming weeks."

He continued, saying, "I did my ADR for the film a couple of days ago and it looks really good all cut together." He says that the additional footage is for a couple of scenes that they didn't originally get to shoot that were in the script. "Which to me is a very good sign, because the studio usually doesn't bother if they don't really like a film. So it seems your positive energy is working. I also got a chance to see some of the treatments for the comic book series and I can promise you it will help fill the gaps between films in a very cool will not be disappointed!!"

Feldman also went on to talk more about the film's possible theatrical release, giving us a shout-out, "I have been shocked and overwhelmed with the movement that you all have created on behalf of LB2 going theatrical....It's amazing how dedicated you guy's are to the cause. Apparently there are several on-line petitions going on created by you the fans and they are really gathering momentum. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the initiative to do this. It has been so overwhelming that last week we received phone calls from the studio asking if I was behind this. Seemingly several web sites (a few I have seen and some I haven't) such as and actually started their own petitions and the craziest of all is on IMDB's site someone actually posted an address on my board for a direct contact to an actual person at Warner Bros. filed under LB2 petition. I want to state for the record I never asked these people to do this.........but I think it's really awesome that so many people care. I am 100 percent in favor of doing anything I can to help encourage WB to bring this film to you on the big screen, and I believe your voices will be heard (I'm hearin' ya loud and clear)."

As we speak, Feldman is hard at work on the second season of The Two Coreys. Last season saw Corey Haim leaving town after an intense argument broke out between him, Feldman, and Feldman's wife Susie. The trio hasn't seen each other since. About the first few days of shooting, Feldman states, "All I can say is wait until you see next season............AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It's going to be CRAZY! Corey and I had our first meeting and let's just say, it did not go well ! I am not really sure how we can possibly get through another entire season together based on the first episode's attempts. Hopefully it will get better. As for now the future of us as a team looks quite bleak. Susie is being quite wonderful and surprisingly supportive as we forge forward through a rocky terrain. I will keep you posted as best I can, although I can't give away too many secrets."

Production began two weeks ago in Los Angeles. About the show's new look and feel, Feldman says, "The show will have a very different (vibe) this year as we have brought on a new production team called Tijuana productions as our producing partners/show runners. These are the same people who brought you such shows as Breaking Bonaduce, Shooting Sizemore, and Super Group. So I'm sure you can imagine the intense turn that this season could take. It will be a very tolling next couple of months for all of us and who knows where it will go. I am still hopeful that we can have a positive outcome, and keep it humorous and enlightening, even with the impeding dark undertones. We will actually be shooting in LA this time, and although I spoke to Haim very briefly on New Years (he called to wish condolences for Jake which was very much appreciated), it was awkward to say the least. He will not be living with us, so how bad could it be? Wish us luck, and hope for the best."

The Two Coreys will return this spring on A&E. The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is awaiting its official release date.

Lost Boys: The Tribe was released July 29th, 2008.

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  • rabba • 8 years ago



    • 2movieguys • 8 years ago

      I agree W./err2005!! Just put it back on the big screen!! Get it out to some of the horror film fests!!

      I'm open for this, saw this several times on the big screen when it comes to Midnight showings!


      • ed-wood • 8 years ago

        No matter how they release it I'm going to see it the first day.


        • marcusx • 8 years ago

          dude awesome. this is gonna be great


          • err2005 • 8 years ago

            i say f*ck it, put it on the big screen, it cant possibly be any worse than some of the other sh*t that has gotten a theatrical release.

            and i have to agree that the original was pretty classic, and lended a hand in shaping my own vampire fantasies as a young nerd.


            • annoyingfilmcritic • 8 years ago

              Fuzion, The Lost Boys is an 80's classic, great premise and fun. You're judging it in hindsight, with zillions of subsequent movies that have followed. To many that were coming of age when it came out, it was and still is, fantastic.

              Down the road, somebody else will sh*t on a movie you like while growing up and you'll think: why can't this *sshole appreciate this movie, they must not get it.

              To each, their own.


              • fuzion • 8 years ago

                I think I'm gonna be sick.

                I just gave The Lost Boys a chance last night... and can't believe I wasted my time, or how much of a following the movie has.


                • annoyingfilmcritic • 8 years ago

                  I'll have to agree with B. A. Orange on this one.

                  LB2 should get a theatrical release...good to hear that the studio is very happy with it and continue to invest in the production.

                  The Two Coreys was pretty good...some very funny and stressed out moments. Feldman's overly produced/money losing/theatrical return to the stage with his band was good TV as well as the two trying and failing to quit smoking.

                  "Hey kids, rock 'n roll, rock on!"


                  • balanorange • 8 years ago

                    I can't wait! This is the best news ever! I hope they put back the Vampire vs. Great White shark scene! I hope there is a fist fight onteh Two Coreys! I love it when Haim tells Feldman, "I will knock you out, kid!" Great TV!

                    I hope they put the Lost Boys 2 on the Big screen!


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