After Earth Set Video and Photos with Will Smith

Production just got under way in Costa Rica on M. Night Shyamalan's sci-fi adventure.
BYBrian Gallagher | February 8th, 2012

Production started this week on After Earth, director M. Night Shyamalan's sci-fi tale which is set for release June 7, 2013. M. Night Shyamalan recently posted a brief video, showcasing a unique little creature found on set, along with photos of the lush Costa Rica landscape where they are filming. Star Will Smith also released a few photos from the set as well. Click on the video player below to go behind-the-scenes of After Earth set, then click on any of the photos to access our gallery. You can also read M. Night Shyamalan's captions under each of his photos.

After Earth: Set Photos #1

After Earth: Set Photos #2

After Earth: Set Photos #3

After Earth: Set Photos #6

"Day 1. Two firsts. This is the first time I am shooting on a digital camera. The camera I am using is a Sony F65, and I am the first filmmaker to use it."

After Earth: Set Photos #5

"This is one of my many daily lectures on theme and cinema. Notice the crew is paying no attention."

After Earth: Set Photos #4

"I'm trying to figure out how to get a reflection shot from the edge of a lake. I love reflection shots. Haunting."

After Earth: Set Photos #7

"Me directing crew in the rainforest."

After Earth: Set Photos #9

"These are the signs posted where we are shooting. I love the... 'wait till the situation is over.'"

After Earth: Set Photos #8

"Had costume camera tests today. Met the camera crew. Saw these. It's getting real."

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