Alan Taylor in Talks to Direct ‘Terminator 5’

The ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ director will reboot the franchise with this first installment of a stand alone trilogy.
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Alan Taylor in Talks to Direct ‘Terminator 5’

Terminator 5 eyes director Alan TaylorAlan Taylor, who directed the upcoming Marvel Phase Two sequel Thor: The Dark World, is in early talks to take the helm of Terminator 5, which has Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star in an unspecified role.

Ang Lee had been in early talks to direct, but a deal was never finalized. Alan Taylor reportedly beat out other contenders such as Rian Johnson and Denis Villeneuve. Reps for Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures refused to comment.

Annapurna acquired the rights to the franchise back in 2011, joining forced with Paramount and Skydance in June. Since then, they have been focused on finding the right filmmaker for this highly-anticipated sequel.

Alan Taylor is best known for his work on HBO's Game of Thrones, but insiders believe that the early buzz about how smoothly the Thor: The Dark World production was run, played a big factor in landing this gig.

We reported in January that Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis are writing the screenplay. We also reported in June that the movie will be the first of a stand-alone trilogy, which suggests that they will likely have to issue a new title for the film, at some point.

No story details have been confirmed, but an unconfirmed story from June revealed that the plot may center on Sarah Connor's parents, with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a human assigned to protect them in the 1940s and 1950s. Since this human does such an exceptional job of protecting the parents, terminators were created in his likeness. That report also revealed that Dwayne Johnson has been approached to star, although that has not been confirmed either.

Megan Ellison and David Ellison are producing, with Paul Schwake and Dana Goldberg executive producing. Shooting is scheduled to begin in early 2014.

Terminator Genisys was released July 1st, 2015.


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  • themoviefanatic • 2 years ago

    @CoreyB Yeah, As long as Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in this movie, then it should turn out to be good.


    • vanboy • 2 years ago

      Yeah Zak, that Sarah Conner parent story sounds lame. It's turning into a joke now. In the next sequel, is the Terminator going to be sent back to kill the single celled organism that spawned Sarah's family line? As a Terminator fan, I want a sequel to "Salvation", and I want it to have the look and the battles to take place at nighttime like they did in Terminator and T2, in the future war scenes. I did not like McG's Road Warrior look at all.


      • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 2 years ago

        I want to see a sequel to Salvation but have the right guy to helm it, i want to see the evolution if a certain T-robot? I really would like a character of Arnie to star, the idea of a Terminator Film Based in the 50's sounds crap.


        • skywise • 2 years ago

          There are so many ways to go about making these sequels. A reboot might be a bad idea but I would prefer a true sequel that takes into account the time line changing of the Sarah Connor chronicals.

          I suppose that would be too much to ask for and probably hard to write though.


          • CoreyB • 2 years ago

            Me love me some Arnie and I'm Always up for another terminator... Nothing has came close to T2


            • Anguslovesducks • 2 years ago

              @therealGoku Def the best in the trilogy for sure. I wore out that VHS tape...LOL


              • ghostman • 2 years ago

                Please be true!


                • themoviefanatic • 2 years ago

                  @therealGoku I completely agree.


                  • therealGoku • 2 years ago

                    Which ever director can make Terminator 5 have a very deep Terminator 2 feel is who I'm all for!


                    • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                      YES! FINALY A REBOOT, this is what we need, not another Arnold money grab. we need a reboot/remake, new stars, new direction. dont leave us with a clifhanger, dont keep changing actors in between films, pick1 who can take us all the way thru 1-3, let there be blood, or at least rated R.


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