Alex Proyas' ‘Paradise Lost’ Production Start Date Postponed

This epic battle between Heaven and Hell starring Bradley Cooper as Lucifer needs to rework its script to get the budget down.
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Bradley Cooper is set to play Lucifer in the postponed Paradise Lost Legendary Pictures has halted production on Alex Proyas' epic fantasy Paradise Lost, which recounts the battle between heaven and hell, based on the classic John Milton poem.

Bradley Cooper is set to play Lucifer in the movie, while Benjamin Walker is taking on the role of archangel Michael, with Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle playing Adam and Eve.

Paradise Lost hasn't been completely scrapped. Legendary Pictures is currently in the process of reworking the script so that the budget comes in 10% to 15% less than the proposed $120 million it will take to get it off the ground.

Paradise Lost was already gearing up to shoot in Australia, and this news has come as a shock to the cast and crew. The postponement is being likened to that of Walt Disney's Lone Ranger. A majority of the budget is set for green screen work, which is currently being whittled down. The hope is that Paradise Lost will go before the cameras this summer.

Paradise Lost is in development .


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  • k-man • 4 years ago

    @ejk1 - I can understand that part of it, for sure. I completely agree that the movie should focus on more than just the war. It needs to focus on all the characters so that things like betrayal occur, it's all the more powerful.


    • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

      @ejk1 Or split


      • ejk1 • 4 years ago

        @k-man Well for starters, I didn't say I didn't want the film to be made, just that I wasn't sure. And my reason is that it seems like this film, at least from what has been described, only seems to focus on certain aspects instead of the whole of Paradise Lost. Much emphasis is being made on the war in Heaven, not enough seems to made on other, more important parts of Milton's tale. Now like I said, I'm keeping an open mind, and hoping that this film hits all points, but if it only focuses on a few parts, then I will be upset. I don't mind this film being four hours long, to tell you the truth. Epics should be epic. If they can fit it all into two and a half hours, fine. If not, then make it longer.


        • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

          The budget needs to be used well these days.


          • k-man • 4 years ago

            @ejk1 - Why wouldn't you want this film to be made?

            I've never understood that philosophy.....and the reason why is because: What have you got to lose? At the very least its a crappy film that didn't reach it's potential, but you'd never know unless it gets made. Plus, it's not your money that they are spending, so what does it really matter? Its not like you will be forced to see it when it comes out either....dont go see it if you think it looks like trash.

            This has potential to be amazing.....therefore, there is absolutely zero reason why it shouldn't get made.

            That is also why I have also never had a problem with sequels, prequels, reboots, re-imaginings.....whatever......when so many people are complain about them. For all the films that they dont get right, there are a special few that they absolutely nail and end up being incredible.

            A perfect example of that is the Terminator Franchise. The first one was a film that nobody knew would be good or they took a chance, made the film and it ended up being a classic. Then came the idea of a sequel. Everyone thought there was no way for the sequel to live up to the original.....well, turns out they were wrong because T2 ended up being one of the best sequels in history, completely blowing the original out of the water.

            A few years go by and they decided to make yet another sequel, however this time they decide to "settle" on a director who clearly isn't up to the task and look what happened. A disaster! Then, once again, a few years go by and they decide to continue the story with a new franchise with another sh*tty director.....and the distaster Terminator Salvation (and all its sh*t-bomb glory) is made.

            Now, the franchise is in desperate need of a reboot with a great director in order to bring the series back to life.

            Point being, you never know what you are going to get with a film. A series may have all the potential in the world but can quickly get shot to sh*t with the wrong people behind it. Then, suddenly the same story is told a few years later and it's a masterpiece because it had a different director or a different writer on board.

            You never know unless you try. That's my philosophy.


            • ejk1 • 4 years ago

              Kind of stinks, but then again I am not sure if I want this film to be made anyways. I'll just keep my mind opened on it.


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