‘Alice in Wonderland’ Set to Give Tim Burton His Biggest Opening Weekend Ever

The live-action 3D spectacular takes in more than $41 million on its first Friday.
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Alice in Wonderland headed towards new box office record Despite some quite disparaging reviews from critics and horrendous word of mouth from advanced audiences, Tim Burton's reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland mythos has arrived a certified hit. On Friday, the 3D live-action spectacular pulled in an estimated $41 million. This is the biggest opening Tim Burton has had for any of his films to date.

In contrast, Burton's Batman only earned $13.1 million on its first Friday way back in June of 1989. As of now, Alice in Wonderland is gearing up to be the biggest March opening to date, as ERC Box Office estimates that it could pull in as much as $115 million by Monday morning. The previous March record holder is 300, which pulled in $70 million back in 2007.

We will have a full box office breakdown on Sunday, so stay tuned.

Alice in Wonderland was released March 5th, 2010.

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  • jason27 • 6 years ago

    Ok so I've been waiting for this to come out for aaaages, since it was announced.

    I just came back from seeing it this morning...

    I loved it, but some things bothered me:

    The overall tone was very Burton'ish, which was awesome, but it felt that there was something missing... Could of just been the CG that felt a bit out of place.

    The script, it felt a bit rushed, it wasn't bad, you don't really feel emotionally connected to the characters.

    But the two things that bothered me the most, that actually pissed me off, was Hatter's and Alice's dance thing at the end - like WTF! You cant tell me Burton was actually happy about that! I seriously hate cheesyness like that! And then the film ended, nice ending... And then what? No amazingly stunning perfect score that we've been hearing for the past 2 hours that had the biggest emotional impact in the film, from one of the best film composers who ever lived, Mr. Danny Elfman, no no, instead what do we get? Avril fooking Lavigne! Shes hot and everything, but it was COMPLETELY out of place! Didn't fit at all, and just left me pissed off even more than seeing that stupid dance thing.

    So over all, good film, I did enjoy it, I just wish it was done a bit better. This had the potential to be 'insanely awesome', but it passed with just 'very good'. I'll still buy the 2 disc dvd, or blu ray if I've changed over by then, but the highest I'm going to give this is a 7/10.

    And I blame Disney, if Burton had his way 100%, I reckon it would of been a lot better.


    • raizo • 6 years ago

      it was an awesome movie


      • aima • 6 years ago

        I just saw official photos, posters and trailer/teaser and I can honestly say, this is first movie which makes my physically sick. Stop making movies you color-creepy-masturbating-visionary idiot!! It's for twenty years still the same bullsh*t and its worse and worse... I rather to go hang myself than see Bonham's big head again in my life.


        • the-fallen • 6 years ago

          im not Surprised by the money its making. Looks cool but i rather watch clash of the titans and iron man 2


          • chad-vital • 6 years ago

            Haven't seen it yet, my roommate said it was okay, he said it would have been better without the 3D as well. But I don't know if he doesn't like 3D or not. Anywho, this is pretty impressive, and it's not like Burton needs the money he's one of the best talked about directors around. I wonder if or when Nolan gives up on Batman, if Burton would return to the franchise... hmmm what an interesting thought...


            • champ2 • 6 years ago

              Did anyone think the 3-d was blurry? I saw it yesterday and the 3-d was terrible. It probably because they shot it in 2-d and converted it to 3-d.


              • warhawk613 • 6 years ago

                Don't let the haters bring Alice in Wonderland down.


                • slysnide • 6 years ago

                  Well deserving as it gives something to the mythos that its creator Lewis Carroll didn't: A plot to tie all the random events together as one.


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