‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Fans Petition for Rumored Director's Cut

A new Change.org petition is asking Sony Pictures to release this alternate edit on Blu-ray and DVD, which includes a number of crucial cut scenes.
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‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Fans Petition for Rumored Director's Cut

Be warned, if you did not see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 over the weekend, there will be spoilers below, so read on at your own risk.

After taking in a whopping $92 million at the domestic box office this weekend, with a worldwide gross of nearly $370 million worldwide, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a bona fide box office hit, although it wasn't received too well by hardcore fans and critics alike. A petition has emerged on Change.org, which is asking Sony Pictures to release a rumored "director's cut" on Blu-ray and DVD, to fix what petition creator Muhesh Spaleesh from Mumbai, India calls a "disjointed narrative" and a "lack of character development."

Here is a list of rumored scenes that the petition wants to be included, which were likely cut to shorten the hefty run time of 142 minutes.

  • An attack on Oscorp by the Green Goblin

    An alternate scene in which a tumultuous scene is portrayed differently

    Extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes

    Another Peter/Gwen scene

Muhesh Spaleesh goes on to say that he hopes the director's cut is released so the fans can, "properly appreciate the huge amount of effort that went into the film."

It is believed that the "tumultuous scene" referred to in the petition is the death of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). As for the OsCorp attack scene, there was a brief shot in one of the trailers that featured Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat that teased this attack, although it was eventually left out of the final cut. Last month, it was confirmed that Black Cat, along with B.J. Novak's Alastair Smythe and his Spider Slayers will be included in the forthcoming sequels.

Other scenes that were teased in the marketing but left out of the final cut include Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) discussing Peter Parker, along with another scene where Harry reveals to Peter that OsCorp has been spying on him. It isn't known how long an ultimate director's cut may be, but you can CLICK HERE to sign the petition yourself, which currently has 517 supporters.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014.


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  • instead8909 • 1 year ago

    the new x-men film looks so much better than the other films.


    • instead8909 • 1 year ago

      the comedy still wasn't there. Raimi's has it.


      • instead8909 • 1 year ago

        @incmob I do read their comments, I wasn't pointing fingers, some people just say the wrong thing.

        It was when I was picking up two games at EB Games when a girl mentioned not to go. Some scenes were funny weird, I didn't like the fact that Norman wasn't the Goblin and how Webb and the writers made it look like it was something else when in fact Norman should be GG all the way.

        I found it much better than his first attempt, but it isn't as good as Raimi's.

        Just hoping that the 3rd one is so much better. I found the pacing and the flow too quick.


        • incmob • 1 year ago

          @instead8909 and for the record... i never told anyone not to see ASM2 and i went as far as saying it had pros... you are right critics can be wrong... however i think on this occasion they were very right. please before you have an opinion on someone elses opinion make sure you read their comment and dont clump everyone in the same category... everyone i have talked to has shared the same opinion with me... some call it fun... some call it tolerable but most have said it was lackluster. i am not trying to change peoples minds just venting my frustrations on yet another spidey film that has not produced the results that i wanted... as a fan... and yes, i am a fan.


          • instead8909 • 1 year ago

            @incmob@felipe-11 k @Michael-Kolesik j @cvntstop@escapist and so on. I really wanted to hate this film because of two people, Andrew & Webb.

            You have every right to your opinion.

            Now with that said I was blown away by it, Peter and Gwen was alot more human. Sure there's faults in every film, but I enjoyed the 2sd one more than the first.

            It's fine to have opinions, but telling people not to watch a film is like saying to a child don't ever scare us again because they will do it anyway. I was in EB GAMES last week and I caught someone discussion about the film and I said Iwas ggoing anyway.

            critic's can be wrong and so can anyone else.

            I was wrong to judge it beforehand.

            MB may make up stories which piss me off or when I read some opinions on here really gets me to think that some of you are hard to please.

            MB you really to get rid of Alan B, I'm erasing my campaign against Webb.

            Good bye.

            If a filmaker is reading this I suggest you, look me up.

            I'm on the theatrics.com platform.


            • incmob • 1 year ago

              this film was a mess. yes there were some pros to the film but mainly problems. i highly doubt a directors cut will improve upon this... instead when it is released on home media... i smell fan edits ;)


              • felipe-11 • 1 year ago

                It's not gonna happen, and it doesn't really matter because nothing would fix this film anyway.

                Actually, maybe a "Reduced Director's Cut" would...


                • Michael-Kolesik • 1 year ago

                  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA You're actually telling me there are "FANS" of this piece of crap?!

                  And I like how you moviewebbers are just now coming around to realize how bad this movie was. I was saying it since day 1 of production, and you guys kept jumping me for it.

                  Who's laughing now?!


                  • cvntstop • 1 year ago

                    Sucked, honestly.. Was it fun? Kinda, sorta.


                    • escapist • 1 year ago

                      I agree with all the below. It was not necessary to include Rhino, there were too many Peter&Gwen scenes, and I wasn't sure if I was watching a soap opera or a movie. It was not evenly paced at all. If felt like listening to Bohemian Rhapsody; slowly paced in the beginning, action in the middle, big climax then abruptly comes to a halt. Marc Webb should have taken pointers from CA2.


                      • evilwhitemale • 1 year ago

                        Just came back from seeing this heaping pile of cow crap. Spiderman has become the weakest link in the Marvel series. This installment had a complete joke of a script. I guess it's good for children though, since their brains aren't fully developed yet. I couldn't help but laugh throughout this catastrophe.


                        • profile-52160643 • 1 year ago

                          All you people complaining are just... ugh... there is no pleasing so many of you and that's the problem, you all have such wildly different ideas on what would make a great spider-man film, you have some misplaced sense of ownership and you can't even respect the thing you claim to be a fan of enough to give it a fair shake.

                          1. This movie is not all over the place. It clearly had a theme and that theme was 'say goodbye to Gwen'. It's the writing on the wall the entire time.

                          2. The choice of villains was perfect, as these movies are now no longer one offs and are made as part of a larger vision, the motivation here is clear, Spidey needed closure on his parents' deaths. Gwen needed to die as she eventually does, they needed to set up the idea of a recurring Goblin, who comes and goes as he does in the comics and cartoons. Rhino gets an introduction but Rhino has always been a B villain so he can always be brought back. And Electro is there to give Spidey a new perspective on that his fame will effectively breed enemies who have the sole intention of hurting him and those he loves. It all blends well together.

                          3. The story is not slow or boring unless all you want is fights galore with no exposition.

                          4. The villains are clearly meant to be brought back so they don't need too much screen time

                          5. Peter Parker as a character goes through so much and comes out such a different and better hero for it, that to claim a lack of character development is just ignorance.


                          • jasdjqs • 1 year ago

                            This movie... where do i begin, I enjoyed the movie. It was not a horrible movie. It was a movie that was pulling me in different directions. Good story telling takes a special blend of characters we care about, and time. you can do a movie like this but it can not be in 2 hr.21 mins. If webb was smart he would of split this movie in two. part two coming in August. but that being said the use of Rino was a waste. that seen at the end should of been the start of the part 2 movie i was taking about. Everyone out acted Andrew. He made a acting mistake in the middle of the movie while he was taking to his aunt. came in too early on a delivery of his line. Sally, Emma, Dane where great. Jamie should of not done the role. I am not an actor but i could of a better job. trailers shows almost all the action in the movie. parts where cut out of the movie for whatever reason. Looks like they have to do a better job in part 3. looking forward to see the next movie as it will be better (I hope)


                            • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 1 year ago

                              Hells Yea!


                              • dfella • 1 year ago

                                who cares da movie was long and boring enough...for a min i thought i was watching superman returns lbvs...too much love sh*t, da movie is only good wen he has on da suit...i promise it felt like 2006 again


                                • jonspidey07 • 1 year ago

                                  the film did need to be longer

                                  I felt like I didn't get enough which is why I want to see it again

                                  the right way wouldn't be so bad either cause there's so much great footage in the trailers


                                  • instead8909 • 1 year ago

                                    Well it looks like that Webb better go for two villains for the 3rd film if he's not canned.


                                    • christina-montana • 1 year ago

                                      I loved TASM2. Why? It FELT like a comic book and it was wonderful. It was like watching a superhero be ripped right off the page. It was silly, there was action, villains had these comic book-y moments. And ya know what, I can deal with that. I didn't need development of Harry or Rhino--there was enough for me to care that they'll be around in the future. I'd love for there to have been more, just because I didn't really feel like the movie FELT long. It was fun, it was Spidey being Spidey. I didn't want a TDK for Spidey.


                                      • thedude1 • 1 year ago



                                        The Rhino battle/final scene of the film was literally in the damn trailers. The ending of the film has been all over TV and movie trailers for months now!!!!!!!!!! Just awful, downright awful!


                                        • chperez • 1 year ago

                                          I was not a fan of the reboot, however, when i saw the trailer for TASM2 it changed my mind and i wanted to see it. I was very disappointed on the movie. Too many things going on, there wasnt enough character development.


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