‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Features ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Post-Credits Scene

This cross-promotion does not tie the two movies together, and features an action sequence with Mystique, Toad and William Stryker.
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‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Features ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Post-Credits Scene

In an interesting twist, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are working together to cross promote their upcoming Marvel movies, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring a post-credits action sequence from X-Men: Days of Future Past that is exclusive to the sequel's release in theaters.

While Post-Credits sequences have become expected as of late, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 decided to forgo any type of tease in setting up The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Its unclear if early fan outrage at this spurred the unique merging of these two Marvel films, but now, U.K. residents can see the sequence when the movie opens in theaters today, and U.S. audiences can see it when the film opens in the states on May 2nd.

The sequence does not tie the two films together in any way. It's merely a 'reward' for those who decide to stay seated throughout the credits. Empire first reported on the news, giving this brief description of what audiences can expect to see.

The scene featured sees Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique, Lucas Till's Havok and Evan Jonigkeit 's Toad take on William Stryker (Josh Helman) and his military men. Without wishing to spoil anything, let's just say that Mystique once again demonstrates her formidable fighting skills in the brief segment.

Empire speculates that this promotional team-up between the studios may lead to something bigger and better down the road, maybe an end credits stinger that finds Spider-Man and any one of the X-Men sharing the same screen, something fans have been clamoring for. This isn't the first time two studios have tried to merge their franchises. There was early talk to include a shot of the OsCorp building in the New York skyline of Marvel's The Avengers, which didn't pan out. This new agreement between Sony and Fox is one step closer to seeing the Marvel worlds merge on screen.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was released May 23rd, 2014.

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  • kostyantyn • 1 year ago

    To define the exact genre of "The Amazing Spider-Man" sequel might be a bit hard, as with every superhero movie and in general nearly every movie these days. So just to name a few genres included in the latest Marc Webb's Spidey adaptation, the audience will experience action, comedy, romance, crime, fantasy, drama, detective fiction and even some musical elements. Two years after the first movie, Marc Webb brings back Peter Parker/Spider-Man, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, to the big screen and tries to pack it all the above together in just 142 minutes. If he succeeds or not, is a pretty difficult question to answer, but let's give it a try.

    While filling in the gaps of the "dark" secrets Peter Parker's parents left for their son, we watch the young hero trying to balance between his new life as New York's superhero, for some people still a vigilante, and his love interest, Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, whose dead father is haunting him, because he promised to stay away from his daughter. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone deliver convincing representations of their characters and Marc Webb does great work, and lives up to other Marvel superhero movies, at least on the subject of the special effects.

    Three villains emerge during the movie, a not-in-the-right-mind electrical engineer Max Dillon, played by Jamie Foxx, who falls into a tank full of angry laboratory eels and is turned into Electro, the main villain of the film. Electro, who has an obsession with the New York's superhero, nevertheless turns against him, as Spider-Man doesn't recall his name when they encounter for a second time. A wanna-be main villain, Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, played by Dane DeHaan, brings his eccentric acting skills on board and delivers a fine performance as Harry Osborn, which cannot be said though of his performance as Green Goblin, mainly for the reason that there is no substantial time to decide on this one. The last and the least Aleksei Sytsevich/The Rhino makes an appearance almost as long as that of Stan Lee and also tries to steal some of that sparkle from Sparkles, as Spidey calls Electro during the whole movie, making us wish they would stick at most to two names per villain.

    You will not be disappointed when it comes to the subjects like romance, bromance and brief jokes, yet the quantity of "music numbers" included, will make you wonder if you're watching a musical about Spider-Man. And of course, the "old-classic" question "Where is Spider-Man?" is featured at some point of the movie, since giving up the costume of the Spider is another typical manoeuvre of Peter Parker.

    Marc Webb prospers in maturing the characters of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, although he fails to deliver the same result for the other characters. The main problem with "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is that the plot itself tries hard to lay down the ground for the next Spider-Man movies and spin-offs and fails to provide the appropriate time for its villains to evolve as characters. At some point it just seems too goofy to see villains, who have cheap grudges against the superhero, popping up and trying to kill the Spider or at least get a sample of its precious blood. The "birth" of Electro as a villain can quite fairly seem to be driven by the craving for publicity that Spider-Man has. So be prepared to have your eyes on the screen and your ears wide open during the whole movie, otherwise you might be left with the impression there are a couple of Spider-Man movies being showed back to back.

    To sum up, it is undeniable that the sequel to the 2011 "Amazing Spider-Man" will be a box office success as it manages to offer more spectacular battle scenes, unexpected plot twists and a promise for an even stronger "Amazing Spider-Man 3".

    P.S.: Don't expect any teasers for the next movies during the credits or after credits, as Marvel has got us used to, even if British audience will be treated with a scene from the upcoming X-Men movie, "X-Men: Days of Future Past".


    • castortroy1911 • 1 year ago

      Maybe I'm missing something here, but I never understand why studios don't work together and do cross promotional stuff, especially with Marvel movies. It seems to me Paramount and Sony could both make a huge profit if Spiderman were allowed to be in an X-Men movie or vice versa. They act like kids not wanting to share out of spite.


      • Michael-Kolesik • 1 year ago

        Wait wait wait, let me get this straight.

        You're telling me that Fox REFUSED to work with Marvel Studios to promote X-Men and Marvel Universe... And even threatened to SUE Marvel Studios over it...

        But they're just fine working with SONY?!


        • dmu009 • 1 year ago

          Um @Doug-Watson, was the title not a clue. Amazing Spider-Man 2' Features 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Post-Credits Scene.

          Use some sense dude.


          • Doug-Watson • 1 year ago

            Spoiler Alert fail! I'm not mad that its being released in the UK now and in the US next month, but you need to post "Spoiler Alert" if you're gonna be talking about that kind of stuff.


            • CoreyB • 1 year ago

              God Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique...maybe best thing ever to happen to cinema...me likey. And no there wont be a big Marvel movie with everyone...mayb in like 10 yrs and it would have to include different dimensions etc.


              • dmu009 • 1 year ago

                WRONG DEAD WRONG!!! ONCE AGAIN ALAN ORANGE IS AN IDIOT. THE REAL REAL STORY IS ON ANY WEBSITE EXCEPT THIS ONE. It has nothing to do with converging stories. See Variety.com or anywhere else except on Movieweb. Starting to rethink ever coming to this website.

                The "Amazing Spider-Man 2″ opens today overseas, and fans are already buzzing on Twitter over its end credits. The Sony Pictures release concludes with a teaser for the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," a new sequence that has been added since "Spidey 2″ premiered in London last week.

                The montage, which features a blue Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, is meant to mimic the coda scenes that conclude the Disney and Marvel Pictures juggernauts, including "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which introduce new characters.

                But in the case of the "Avengers" films, Disney is promoting its own material. The Spidey situation is different: Sony, which owns the "Spider-Man" films, is plugging a rival studio's product, since the seventh "X-Men" sequel is released by Twentieth Century Fox on May 23. (Marvel acts as a traditional licensor for the non-Disney-owned Marvel characters.)

                Why would Sony do that?

                The reason, Variety has learned, is that "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb had an existing contract with Fox Searchlight to helm another film following 2009′s "500 (Days) of Summer." After "The Amazing Spider-Man" in 2012, Webb's negotiations briefly stalled with Sony as he was caught in a tug-of-war with Fox. Eventually, Fox agreed to allow Webb to direct Sony's "Spider-Man" sequel, but only if Sony would promote its "X-Men" film for free.

                For Sony, there's another benefit to the cross-promotion. It allows the studio to situate its movie in the same Marvel family as Captain America and Iron Man, even if the creative team behind those films - including star producer Kevin Feige - are separate. Many fans look forward to the much-hyped codas at the end of a Marvel film.

                That said, some U.K. fans who saw "Spider-Man 2″ on opening day were confused, wondering if it meant a single "X-Men" and "Spider-Man" movie is being planned. That's not happening.


                • Lasse-Holst-Lundgren • 1 year ago

                  Meh i am not impressed, if they got their act together and made one single marvel scenematic universe once the eventual reboot hits, THEN i am impressed


                  • kingbrady • 1 year ago

                    @justatadmatt you sir are using common sense


                    • undeadslayer4 • 1 year ago

                      @thedude1 relax its fine if @balanorange didnt say this then i wouldnt have known that there would be a second PSS


                      • thedude1 • 1 year ago

                        @balanorange My God!!! Orange, this is clearly a spoiler you idiot!!! What is your malfunction!!!


                        • justatadmatt • 1 year ago

                          If they want to do some cross promotion, why not work with Marvel? It would make more sense...


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