‘Ant-Man’: Paul Rudd Talks Character Prep and Rashida Jones

The actor has been watching a lot of Marvel movies and reading the comics, but he still doesn't know who will play The Wasp.
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‘Ant-Man’: Paul Rudd Talks Character Prep and Rashida Jones

Paul Rudd was recently in Park City Utah, where he was promoting his upcoming romantic comedy spoof They Came Together. He was asked about prepping for his role as thief-turned-hero Scott Lang in Ant-Man. The actor couldn't say much, but he did explain some of the prep that has gone into creating Scott Lang for the screen, and teased that he doesn't know whether or not Rashida Jones has signed onto play Janet van Dyne, aka The Wasp.

In taking on such a huge project as a Marvel adventure, Rudd says he's been watching a lot of Marvel movies and reading a lot of comic books.

""Well, It's all just kind of starting, so it's really cool. I'm very excited about it. I read some comics and seen some [Marvel] movies and I knew Edgar Wright for many years. The whole thing that it's actually happened, that I got the part is still kind of surreal. It's still sinking in over these last several months."

While he's worked with Rashida Jones before in Our Idiot Brother and I Love You, Man, the actor doesn't feel comfortable discussing her decision to sign on for this Phase Three adventure. He even teases that the rumors may be false.

"I follow what comes out online and even then I don't quite follow. I let those powers that be announce what they want to announce when they announce it. A lot of that stuff you hear is not true."

One thing that is true is Michael Douglas signing on to play original Ant-Man Hank Pym. About the casting, Rudd would only say this...

"It's a thrill, He's amazing!"

The actor also commented on how much comedy will be included in this action adventure from director Edgar Wright.

"We'll see what Edgar has in mind. We haven't started shooting any of it yet."

Ant-Man will shoot this May, so it shouldn't be long before we hear who is taking on the Wasp role. Maybe the character isn't even in the film? Would you be okay with that?

You can watch his full interview in the embed below:

Ant-Man was released July 17th, 2015.

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  • ObiWanShinobi • 2 years ago

    This is gonna be so good.


    • h-ryuga • 2 years ago

      Am more fan of Hank Pym than ant man actually, loved the idea that his brains were responsible for the creating of Ultro, now that that was given to Tony Stark, don't know what is left of him to impress me


      • shuabert • 2 years ago

        If Rashida Jones does play the Wasp, that means she's in flashback scenes opposite a yet-unnamed actor playing the younger Pym, or else Marvel is changing the character to be paired with Scott Lang instead of Pym, if they still want to use her in the present day story.


        • cryhwks • 2 years ago

          I think it's one of the biggest disappointments that your going to make Hank Pym a 60/70 year old guy he's one of my favorite characters in Marvel and seems like there gonna a Mask of Zorro thing which worked for that movie but I don't believe it work for this because Hank Pym is Ant Man not Scott Lang never liked that character.


          • themoviefanatic • 2 years ago

            I hope that it will end up being, that Rashida Jones will play Wasp!


            • cheetoboy • 2 years ago

              I wonder what villain is going to be in this movie


              • thedude1 • 2 years ago

                I have a bad feeling Seth Rogen is now going to play a villain in one of these Ant Man movies.


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