Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in Negotiations for ‘Terminator Salvation’

Both actors will most likely have cameos in the new film.
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While conducting a panel for his upcoming sequel Terminator Salvation, director McG revealed that he is currently in talks to have both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in the film in some capacity. Here's what he said to the crowd:

It seems appropriate to have (Linda Hamilton) in the picture in some capacity. We're talking about it right this minute. Literally. At this minute. I am in constant communication with the California Governor. We showed him the film days ago, and await a meeting with him later this week. Truthfully, in regards to Schwarzenegger's participation, it's not clear. We'll see where we land on that. He's a very powerful guy. He has to do what's right for him. It might be helpful for all of us to email him, telling him it's a good idea.

Terminator Salvation opens Memorial Day Weekend, May 22nd, 2008.

Terminator Salvation was released May 21st, 2009.


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  • comicbookfan • 7 years ago

    The T1s will also be great to see returning.

    From what I have gathered, this film will have the following Infiltration Terminator series':

    -T1 (base model for all infiltrator units)



    -Marcus' model (undefined, but likely to be the first/early prototype of the T800)

    -T800 (ahead of schedule)

    Can't wait to see them all unveiled.


    • comicbookfan • 7 years ago

      Didn't MovieWebbers already know this? It seems like they're just trying to say, that, yes - Linda is on board, and Arnold, well, whatever he decides to do. But we already know that he went in and got the computer scans of his face done for the CGI work. What they are talking about being still in negotiations with Linda Hamilton may just be the salary negotiations for her cameo. I don't think she would be in "talks" this long if she wasn't going to agree to do it. However, this is good news. Linda said "no" to T3 because she was only going to be a side character, and her arc was written to where she was getting killed off. The fact that she is saying "yes" to T4 is a real good sign, as well as seeing Arnie's face on the future CRS-Model T-800 makes this film seem so much more "official" for the series. How nostalgic. It really is the best way to pass the torch for the new trilogy. Can't wait to see the T-600s, too!


      • rudy • 7 years ago

        ehh. I'd be cool though, that in the movie, John captures the T-500 to make him go back in time and save himself in Terminator 2.


        • irishboy • 7 years ago

          They should definitely have Linda Hamilton to do the voice-over, at least... And having Arnie in any capacity wouldn't hurt neither. lol...


          • cbjunior • 7 years ago

            i think it is completely nessecary to bring them back. Linda Hamilton and Arny are the best things about the is Robert Patrick and Michael Bien


            • kirkepsilon • 7 years ago

              This is all old news. Arnold is gonna be the face of the Terminator late in the movie and Linda will have a voice-over. The only news here is that (possibly) Linda may show her face during a flashback most likely. Fine by me, I'm just ready to catch the movie!


              • tremendoustroy67 • 7 years ago

                Wow a cameo in the upcoming Stallone movie(The Expendables)and now mayb a cameo in Terminator Salvation?Awesomw!!Hopefully that'll be a sign of Arnold coming back to movies.......would be nice


                • chosen • 7 years ago

                  McG has already stated that this movie will not explore the issue of time travel. In the original Terminator, Kyle told the officers at the police precinct that the time machine was built when Skynet was the brink of losing the war. Killing John during the present wouldn't have mattered so the only recourse would be to eliminat the very existence of John Connor. Expect this movie to establish John as the leader of the resistence, the next two can than explore time travel.


                  • dasboot • 7 years ago

                    Arnie and Linda should def be back.


                    • mrfixit • 7 years ago

                      I hope it's not a death scene for Linda...bummer. But I would still love to see her and Arnie in the movie to help "pass the torch" so to speak to the new blood.


                      • happyjack • 7 years ago

                        WOULD BE GREAT IF ARNIE CAME BACK!


                        • buriblazing • 7 years ago

                          this is the movie that had to be made terminator in post skynet

                          nuclear fallout with bad ass terminators and all out action


                          • buriblazing • 7 years ago

                            high hopes for this movie could be a great one


                            • diaigma • 7 years ago

                              That would be awesome for both to have SOME involvement, even if Arnold is just the voice of some AI computer program.


                              • ed-wood • 7 years ago

                                I'm really looking forward to this, I'll see it with or without them. I think they'll both wind up doing it.


                                • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

                                  I'll see it either way


                                  • joekerr2e • 7 years ago

                                    I'm all for Arnie steppin' in the time machine, but one question... it's been a long while since I've watched part 1, didn't they send Reese back threw that one or did they steal the plans to make the machine for themselves? And then Reese's brother in the series. So are we looking at possible new story lines that would negate 1-3? My apologies for all the questions, but I haven't read anything on the storyline for this one, except for the war going on, someone is sent through time to this storyline, and then the plans to head into skynet and blow the machine up. Thx


                                    • shelley • 7 years ago

                                      Regardless if they are in it or not, I still can't wait.


                                      • moviewebhead • 7 years ago

                                        Remy, preach on brother!


                                        • remy72883 • 7 years ago

                                          I myself think that a great way for Arnold to show up im the film is at the end. When John Connor is blowing up the time machine and we see Arnold just stepping into it seconds before detination. I think it would be cool kinda leading all the way back to the beggining. As for Linda I'd like to see a flashback John's has when they say they were in a tropical islong mentioned in T3. that would be cool.


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