Lionsgate has shot forth an action-packed red band trailer for Jee-woon Kim's English-language directorial debut The Last Stand, which arrives in cinemas across the country on January 18th, 2013. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a small town sheriff trying to stop a ruthless drug kingpin from escaping through the Mexican border. Watch as the action icon defends his turf in glorious fashion with the help of some colorful fellow townsfolk. This is one violent, gory loop of footage that should appease hard-core action fans! We also have a couple new photos from the movie as well.

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 1

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 2

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 3

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 4

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 5

<i>The Last Stand</i> Photo 6