Aurora Prods. and Platinum Studios Team for ‘Nightfall’

Based on Platinum's graphic novel about a prison run by vampires.
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Studios Team for Nightfall Aurora Prods. and Platinum Studios have teamed up to develop a feature version of Platinum's graphic novel Nightfall.

According to Variety, the project centers on a man who finds out just how bad life can get when he discovers that the prison he just entered is controlled by vampires.

The original property, penned by Scott O. Brown and illustrated by Ferran Xalabarder, was published in 2007 by Platinum.

No production date was announced.


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  • vendetta28 • 6 years ago

    Calm down Vanboy lol


    • vanboy • 6 years ago

      This sounds like finally something interesting. People getting sucked dry, who deserve it.

      I think there have been too many movies with Virus being the cause of the vampire creation. What happened to the good old stories. Every freakin' thing has to be explained today, and everybody wants a reason as to why the vampire is a vampire.

      I was debating with my pilot buddy the other day, about which was better; fast zombie; ala "28 Days Later", or slow zombie; ala original "Dawn of the Dead". My buddy started to delve into why a rage virus would make more sense for a zombie instead of it actually being dead, that the workings of the tendons and musculature would be too rotten and how the blood becomes coagulated, that oxygen wouldn't be able to carry nerve signals, balh, blah, blah!

      It's a freakin' fake movie. Just enjoy the story and the gore for crying out loud! Why does everything have to be broken down and explained to such a detriment of sterility?

      Can't we just watch the illusionist and "wonder" how the magic trick was done? That's why movies CAN'T be enjoyed anymore. Too many people wanting to know, why this and why that.

      I never watch a Godzilla movie, and ask, "Why is he such a big reptile creature monster? How was he created ?" It's just how he is. He's a sci-fi ass kicking monster. That's it. In the fifties, all creatures were created by nuclear radiation, and everyone accepted it.

      I can remember going to the theater to see movies like Re-animator and NOBODY ever asking, "How can he make flesh come back to life"? And all of the people in that theater enjoyed the Hell out of that movie a lot more than anybody can enjoy any movie today, because they're all critiquing the Hell out of it.

      I know that we are much more savvy than we were back in the old days, but just suck it up, shut up, pay up, step in and veg out. Jeeeeeeeeezzzz!


      • narrator • 6 years ago

        Agreed geek.


        • instead8909 • 6 years ago

          sure I'm game


          • vendetta28 • 6 years ago

            what I like most about the daybreakers story line is they actually gave a reason behind the vampire.It's not as if someone got up one morning with no heartbeat and no pulse and a craving for human blood.

            A virus at least gives some rhyme and reason behind the vampire.


            • cripple • 6 years ago

              This could be good, but I agree geek, I have had my fill of vampires, but daybreakers does look cool


              • vendetta28 • 6 years ago

                More vampires?

                I have to admit though I am looking forward to seeing Daybreakers.But come on.This is way too much.


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