‘Bath Salt Zombies’ Trailer

We also have the poster for this topical horror-thriller that makes ‘Trainspotting’ look like ‘My Little Pony’.
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‘Bath Salt Zombies’ Trailer

Bath Salt Zombies is a new horror film directed and co-written by Dustin Wayde Mills and produced and co-written by Clint Weiler of Aggronautix. The movie sensationalizes the recent bath salt epidemic and the attacks surrounding them. We have the first trailer and poster for this topical horror flick that is sure to make your skin crawl.

Bath Salt Zombies Poster

Clint Weiler, who also wrote the treatment for the film and worked on the basic characterization, had this to say about Bath Salt Zombies.

"Although the film is somewhat of a black comedy, I wanted to portray the real power of drugs in a horror story... Dustin was able to pull it off with ease."

Director Dustin Wayde Mills also offered his thoughts.

"It's off the wall comic book insanity with blood, gore, nudity, martial arts, gunfights, and a mutant jack-chi. You should check your brain at the door and prepare to have your face melted off."


Present day, United States... The bath salts epidemic facing the southern and mid-western US has been stifled by an unprecedented government crackdown. Head shops have been raided and shut down, component imports from the UK, India and China have been completely stopped, and aggressive penalties for users have been instated.

This has led to a tremendous amount of surplus stock hidden by black market dealers, and a migration of those dealers (and in turn, users) to the northeast and other areas. In New York City, potent strands have surfaced and have attracted the most devoted bath salt junkies. In an attempt to outsell said strands, a young aspiring chemist has developed and even stronger batch... but something has gone horribly wrong.

The new ultra potent bath salt batch has revealed a major side effect... It turns users into violent flesh seeking "zombies." When the zombies are high on bath salts, they are completely unaware of their actions and they seem to float in and out of consciousness. When they kill / eat people, they are unaware of what has happened when they come down off the drug. The drug is also more addictive than other forms, and users feel the need to stay constantly high due to the fact they become incredibly feeble when sober. They come down HARD.


Traditional "bath salts" consist of a combination of amphetamine-like chemicals, mainly mephedrone, MDPV and methylone. Users of the drug have reported feeling incredibly hot, which is why many get naked (in this case, it gives us cause for female nudity). They also develop superhuman strength (it can take five or six men to restrain them) and become so manic and delusional that the term "excited delirium" is being used by the medical community to describe their mental state. The shocking wave of attacks has sparked fears of a real-life zombie outbreak in the south. This led to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention releasing a statement saying it is not aware of any virus that can cause zombie-like behavior. A spokesman said: "MDPV is an illegal and harmful drug and stiff penalties are in place for people who possess or supply it. Drugs ruin lives which is why we are taking tough action against dealers and criminal gangs and helping people to free themselves from the cycle of dependency."

Bath Salt Zombies was released February 19th, 2013.

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  • ollie-styrene • 3 years ago

    Comparing this to the toxic avenger, and the avenger looks like an oscar winner compared to this.. utter crap!!


    • rudy • 3 years ago

      This just in, bath salt usage has just skyrocketed after the release of this film.


      • thesymbiote • 3 years ago

        Sometimes when i see a trailer with a rating of half a star, i think that the trailer isn't THAT bad. But this is THAT bad. lol


        • fanboy • 3 years ago

          What the f*ck did I just watch?


          • crypt • 3 years ago

            Yeah, this was on the news, and if they're making a movie about of a real life crime, this seems pretty damn soon. And f*cked up.


            • metalheadfury • 3 years ago

              THOSE DROOLING FOOLS EXIST no kidding! Don't know about this movie but that Bath Salt crap does cause Zombie like behavior. I saw it on the news, that is freak shish!


              • skywise • 3 years ago

                @narrator Its in my top 5 all time favorite movies. Its frentetic, funny, heartbreaking and horrifying. A movie that stayed with me long after the credits rolled.


                • ROFLitschristian • 3 years ago

                  This planet honestly can't get any dumber.


                  • narrator • 3 years ago

                    Agreed, @skywise. Trainspotting is a pretty underrated film.


                    • mbrandon11 • 3 years ago

                      ....well that was a waste of 1minute.... cheers Movieweb


                      • paulington • 3 years ago

                        It's Always Sunny did the best Bath Salts zombie episode already. No need to push it any further with this awful looking mess of a Z movie.


                        • skywise • 3 years ago

                          I absolutly hate this. How dare they reference trainspotting in this tripe.


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