Local Detroit news station WXYZ was on the scene as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continued shooting this weekend in the Motor City. Their helicopter crew shot plenty of behind-the-scenes video, offering a look at some of the destruction happening in Metropolis, which we saw earlier in a http://movieweb.com/batman-v-superman-set-photos-reveal-damaged-metropolis-vehicles/set report from a local resident. This latest tease from the Man of Steel follow-up brings us our first look at the Wayne Financial logo, and promises that these superheroes aren't playing nice. Well, if the destroyed buses and cop cars on display are any indication...Take a look:

It's clear that Metropolis is going to get trashed once again in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though we could be looking at scenes from the beginning of the movie, as the citizens go about rebuilding their beloved city after the climactic end fight scene witnessed in Man of Steel.

Early story reported claim that Bruce Wayne is working with Lex Luthor, donating to the clean up. As we can see, Wayne has businesses inside Metropolis that didn't withstand the power of Zod and Kal-El. Could this blatant disregard for personal property be why Bruce has a beef with Clark Kent? We won't know for sure for two more summers!