'Batman' News

EXCLUSIVE: Wonder Twins Activate in the Shape Of... the Gyllenhaals?

A new Justice League rumor has Jake and Maggie doing a cameo!

B. Alan Orange

Building Explosion from the Set of The Dark Knight

Video taken from the set of the new Batman movie.

Smallville's Tom Welling to Be Superman in Justice League?

New rumors abound about the upcoming superhero flick.

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Justice League of America to Be a CGI / Motion-Capture Film?

Christian Bale has not been approached to reprise his role as Batman.

What's the Hubub with The Justice League of America?

Learn the truth about the most talked about comic-to-film adaptation.

B. Alan Orange

Christian Bale Confirms a 3rd Batman Film!

We get the scoop straight from The Dark Knight himself.

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Check Out 19 New Images from The Dark Knight!

New looks at Joker and The Dark Knight himself!

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Senator Patrick Leahy to Appear in The Dark Knight

Will make his third appearance in a Batman movie.

The Dark Knight Takes Over Wizard World

Chris Nolan shares his film with Chicago.

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Partly-CGI Two Face in The Dark Knight?

An FX house in London would be working to enhance the Batman villain.

George Miller to Direct Justice League?

Rumor has the director circling the super hero project.

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Watch the Official Dark Knight Teaser Trailer RIGHT NOW!!!

We've got your first look at the official teaser trailer from the Batman Begins sequel!

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Brand New Joker Image from The Dark Knight!

A new pic shows up in light of the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-con.

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The Dark Knight Offshoot Website for the Joker

Check out the Gotham Police Department report!

Watch The Dark Knight Bootleg Teaser Trailer!

We've got your first look at the highly anticipated teaser.

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Watch the Batpod in Action on the Set of The Dark Knight!

Go behind-the-scenes in downtown Chicago to see some new footage from the set.

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Behind-the-Scenes Videos of the Joker on The Dark Knight Set

From the Batman Begins Sequel now filming in Chicago.

Dark Knight Teaser Trailer with The Simpsons Movie!

May be in theatres the same day as the movie's Comic-Con Panel.

Christian Bale Talks a 3rd Batman Movie

The actor says there is big potential for a 3rd film.

Brian B.

Two More Join The Dark Knight!

Melinda McGraw and Nathan Gamble team up with Batman.

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