'Batman' News

Two More Join The Dark Knight!

Melinda McGraw and Nathan Gamble team up with Batman.

B. Alan Orange

High-Res Batpod Images from The Dark Knight

Not your typical machine-gun equipped motorcycle!

Mattel to Manufacture Speed Racer and The Dark Knight Toys

Warner Bros. partners with the world's leading toy manufacture in anticipation of the two 2008 movies.

The Batpod from The Dark Knight

Get a first look at the motorcycle the cape crusader rides in the upcoming sequel.

Pictures from the Set of The Dark Knight!

Check out Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart in action.

B. Alan Orange

Batman's New Suit in The Dark Knight!

See how Christian Bale is gonna look in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel.

Evan Jacobs

Brand New Images from The Dark Knight!

Director Chris Nolan is currently filming 4 IMAX scenes for the Batman Begins sequel.

Some of The Dark Knight to Be Shot in IMAX

It will be the first feature film to be partially shot in the format.

B. Alan Orange

Anthony Michael Hall to Star in The Dark Knight

Farmer Ted is being very secretive about his surprise role.

B. Alan Orange

First Picture of The Dark Knight's Joker Revealed!

Take a look at Heath Ledger in the upcoming Batman Begins Sequel.

B. Alan Orange

Nestor Carbonell to Appear in The Dark Knight

The actor will play Mayor of Gotham City.

B. Alan Orange

Warner Bros. Launches The Dark Knight Website

Although there's nothing of interest yet posted.

Eric Roberts Sheds Some Light on The Dark Knight!

Actor tells us what he can about his role in the new film.

Evan Jacobs

Eric Roberts Teams Up with The Dark Knight

Will play Mafia Kingpin in the highly anticipated Batman sequel!

B. Alan Orange

Maggie Gyllenhaal Set for The Dark Knight

Playing D.A. Rachel Dawes in the comic sequel.

Warner Bros. Set for Justice League Film

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash all in one flick combined.

Aaron Eckhart Is Fighting The Dark Knight as Harvey Dent

In final negotiations to star in the Batman Begins sequel.

Katie Holmes Not Returning for The Dark Knight

The character of Harvey Dent will appear in the Batman Returns sequel.

The Dark Knight Release Date Set for July 18, 2008

The sequel to Batman Begins starring Christian Bale.

Heath Ledger Talks About Playing The Joker in The Dark Knight

In his upcoming role in the Batman Returns sequel, The Dark Knight