Bernie Mac Sells Cars in Transformers

The comedian gets to 'Bernie Mac it' in the new film.
March 2nd, 2007

"Bernie Mac Sells Cars in Transformers

The comedian gets to 'Bernie Mac it' in the new film

Bernie Mac has never denied he's a con-man - and now, he gets to play one on the big screen; he's got a bit part in the new Transformers film playing a used car salesman. He spoke to us a little about the role while promoting his next film, Pride, where he plays opposite Terrence Howard.

Who do you play in the movie?

Bernie Mac: Transformers, I play a used car salesman, and all used car salesmen are full of sh*t - scuse my French - but they're con men. And they came to my set and I sold them the Transformer; I didn't know it was the Transformer, I thought it was a piece of junk. And the first thing you do as a salesman, a car salesman - I didn't know this, I did some investigating myself - they always sell you the 'bs' cars first. It's almost like a restaurant - get rid of the food, rotate it. When they come, I didn't know what the car exists of, and I just threw them a line; I'm a fast talker, quick whit guy. I got a chance to have some fun and Michael Mann (he meant Bay) - man, I've been fortunate, man, because every director allows Bernie Mac to do his thing. I have not been handcuffed since my career started from Ted Demme; every time a director, every time we'd do it straight, they always tell me, 'Now Bernie Mac it.' That's a luxury, you know.

Transformers launches onto the big screen July 4, 2007.

Pride opens March 23rd.

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