BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Star Trek’ Warps Into First Place with $72.5 Million

‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ drops into second place with $27 million.
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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Star Trek’ Warps Into First Place with $72.5 Million

Weekend Box Office

1) Star Trek $72.5 million

2) X-Men Origins: Wolverine $27 million

3) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past $10.4 million

4) Obsessed $6.6 million

5) 17 Again $4.4 million

6) Next Day Air $4 million

7) The Soloist $3.6 million

8) Monsters Vs. Aliens $3.3 million

9) Earth $2.4 million

10) Hannah Montana: The Movie $2.4 million

JJ Abrams' reboot of the Star Trek franchise was firing on all thrusters this weekend as it warped into the top spot at the box office with $72.5 million. While the film opened to impressive numbers, it wasn't able to beat out X-Men Origins: Wolverine debut take of $85 million from last weekend. The Marvel Comics adaptation starring Hugh Jackman took in extreme dip in ticket sales this week, dropping down into the number two spot with another $27 million to its name. Thus far, the franchise offshoot has collected an impressive $129 million, making it the first hit of the summer.

This weekend's only other major release was the Benny Boom action comedy Next Day Air. Starring an ensemble cast of comedic actors, the film arrived at number six on the charts, taking in an estimated $4 million. It opened on just 1,138 screens, 1/3 of those shared by Captain Kirk and Spock. After home video sales, this will be a modest hit, and its possible that we will see a sequel sometime in the next year.

In a not so-surprising turn, both Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine held the top per-screen averages of the weekend as well. Star Trek managed to take $18,836 from its 3,849 screens. While X-Men Origins: Wolverine collected $6,582 from its 4,102 screens. New on the art house scene, Little Ashes earned $6,417 from each of its 12 screens for a cumulative take of $77,000. Adoration came in behind it with $43,700 from ten screens. And Rudo y Cursi pulled a fairly week $211,000 from 70 screens.

Star Trek will have a hard time fighting for that number one spot next weekend, as the crew of the Starship Enterprise faces a great adversary in Tom Hanks and his Angels & Demons. This sequel to the popular hit The Da Vinci Code is the only major release headed our way next weekend.

Star Trek was released May 8th, 2009.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released May 1st, 2009.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was released May 1st, 2009.

17 Again was released April 17th, 2009.

Next Day Air was released May 8th, 2009.

Monsters Vs. Aliens was released March 27th, 2009.

Hannah Montana: The Movie was released April 10th, 2009.

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  • brokenweld • 6 years ago

    Couldn't have said it better deadjedi.


    • deadjedi • 6 years ago

      I'm 34 and I've been watching Star Trek--every incarnation of it--for as long as I can remember. The new movie included all the major character and theme elements. It also included one element that Star Trek lacked--ACTION. This alone increased the possibilities for where the franchise can go in the future.

      And thanks to the incorporation of a certain plot element explaining WHY this movie is different, the franchise no longer carries the anchor of everything the came before around its neck. Star Trek can now "boldly go" where no Star Trek movie or series has gone before.


      • asif • 6 years ago



        • shelley • 6 years ago

          I have to disagree Editboy, every poll I have seen over 50% of people who saw Star Trek have seen episodes or movies (original crew).

          Mr. Amazing, yes it will make over 140 million because worldwide it has already made $120 million.


          • editboy • 6 years ago

            That's the thing, Moviemaniack1993. You've never seen one episode of the original series. Most of the people (not all) I am reading reviews from who thought the movie was 'amazing, incredible, awesome', etc. have never watched the original series. That's fine. If you loved it, great.

            The funny thing is even after "Terminator Salvation" comes out next week, a movie I'm REALLY looking forward to and am hopeful about, I wouldn't be surprised if "Up" turns out to be the best movie of the summer. Beyond what's already been released ("Wolverine" and "Star Trek") and what is yet to come ("Transformers" and "Harry Potter"). We're not talking the biggest money maker. We're talking a movie that has a great story, great characters, and some real depth. As well as being a fun summer popcorn flick.


            • indianajones • 6 years ago

              Amazing flim.


              • thebd • 6 years ago

                ok mrAMAZING, i just want to know wut bout it was so bad. i'm not tryin to argue with u, but there r like 3 ppl total so far that i have seen who don't like the new Star Trek, but none of them have said y, so i'm just curious?

                and just wondering do u mean it won't make more then 140 mil world wide or domestic?


                • diaigma • 6 years ago

                  Just saw Star Trek. AMAZING!!!


                  • mramazing • 6 years ago

                    wont make over 140 overall, thats a promise...jj abrams ruined everything when they couldve gotten someone like tony scott to direct this. this summer is going to suck


                    • shelley • 6 years ago

                      I agree maniac, the film was awesome and this is coming from someone who has seen every original episode and all the movies. I enjoyed Wolverine and as much as I am a fan of Hugh Jackman, I admit Star Trek was better.


                      • moviemaniack1993 • 6 years ago

                        Editboy you're crazy if you didn't think Star Trek was good. It is so far the highest reviewed film this year, and will probably be one of the best to come out of any studio this year. It was not overhyped, and if it was, it definitely lived up to it. As someone who has never even seen one episode of the series, the movie was awesome.


                        • taberjohnson18 • 6 years ago

                          We'll see how the total grosses are, then we'll determine the winner.


                          • editboy • 6 years ago

                            "Star Trek" just wasn't that good, plus I agree with the comments TheBD made. After "Batman and Robin" a lot of people were a little trigger shy about going back into another Batman movie. Happily, that's one of the only reboots that really, really worked! I see that happening with "Trek". Joe Six-pack saw those movies slowly go into the dirt. Do they believe this one will be any better? For some, it's going to take convincing.

                            I can't really say that "Wolverine" was any better than "Star Trek". But at least I wasn't shaking my head during "Wolverine" wondering why they were doing some of the things they were doing in the script.


                            • insertusernamehere • 6 years ago

                              It didn't beat Wolverine's opening weekend, if that's what you're saying FOY.

                              I thought it would make more, too. I was anticipating 90 million.


                              • gaj1992 • 6 years ago

                                REally, only that much,,, I thought it would make much much more then that. COme on, it was a great movie.

                                Well at least it broke the opening of x-men.


                                • happyjack • 6 years ago



                                  • thebd • 6 years ago

                                    i'm actually watching Enterpise on sci-fi or "Syfy" right now, and i literally just thought "this doesn't feel like the other Star Trek tv shows" I think one reason for that is the different uniforms. that one lil change makes a huge difference in perception.


                                    • avian005 • 6 years ago

                                      HAPPYJACK, Star Trek needed to be rebooted. It was on the verge of death until JJ came along with the new film.

                                      Last movie was Nemesis, which was boring and uneventful, and the last show was Star Trek: Enterprise, which did not feel like Star Trek.


                                      • cbjunior • 6 years ago

                                        Damn, my predicitons were close. I predicted it would make $78 million. Anyway, I was surprised at how good the movie was, because I am not a Trekkie, and I liked it a lot.


                                        • insertusernamehere • 6 years ago

                                          For the people who think Wolverine was fantastic, this is why it will forever remain an "okay" film, and to some, one of the biggest pieces of sh*t they've ever seen:

                                          -Bad pacing. Just one thing after the other that doesn't account for sh*t. They didn't develop the story just like they didn't develop the characters. Right when you think you might like a character, they get killed.

                                          -Obvious CGI. Wolverine's claws looked far more real in the X-Men movies. I almost gagged when Wolverine pops his claws in the was atrocious. Other bad effects include any aircraft and the helicopter explosion as Wolverine is walking away

                                          -Deadpool...isn't Deadpool. They only refer to him as Deadpool in a metaphorical way like a "pool" of mutant abilities...alright, cool concept. But don't f*ck up an anticipated character to make it happen.

                                          -Multiple endings that not everybody sees. What kind of bullsh*t was this? I hope movies aren't going down this path.

                                          It was an okay movie in my eyes, but disappointing, too. It wasn't gritty enough to be called a Wolverine movie and I felt Fox forced a more kid friendly approach


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