BOX OFFICE BEATDOWN: Fast Five Drives Away with $83 Million

Meanwhile, Prom is a big bomb and so is Hoodwinked Too.
BYDavid Ozanich | May 1st, 2011


1Fast Five$83.6 million
2Rio$14.4 million
3Madea's Big Happy Family$10 million
4Water for Elephants$9.1 million
5Prom$5 million
6Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil$4.1 million
7Soul Surfer$4.1 million
8Insidious$2.8 million
9Hop$2.2 million
10Scream 4

It's been a boffo weekend for Fast Five. This big budget car sequel seems to have welcomed the summer blockbuster season into the box office. It managed to crank out a spectacular $83 million. Add in international takes and it's grossed $165 million. This is particularly impressive because this surprisingly well-reviewed crowd-pleaser has managed to top the previous entry in the series which made $71 million on opening weekend.

In other news, Rich Ross of Disney is no doubt tucking his tail between his legs after his first attempt at creating a new franchise bombed big time. Prom was an utter disaster. They had predicted a $9 million opening but instead the tween film debuted to a very disappointing $5 million. It seems this won't be getting the High School Musical sequel treatment unless a ton of girls turn out in the next week or two. Doesn't look like this one is going to last long.

It was also a flop weekend for the Weinsteins with Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil also opening to poor numbers. An expected $8 million take turned out to be only $4 million. Who was even asking for this sequel?

Rio didn't fly quite as high as hoped. $18 million was forecast for the animated hit, but it took in only about $14 million.

Meanwhile, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night also did poorly. It didn't even crack the top ten. I have yet to figure out what this movie is about and it seems the rest of the moviegoing public didn't care to find out either. In it's place, Scream 4 managed to squeak in with $2.1 million.

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