Shark Tale takes a bite out of the weekend box office
...with $49 million
The Forgotten rules the weekend box office
...with an estimated $22 million
Sky Captain soars to the top of the box office
...a debut of an estimated $16.2 million
Resident Evil: Apocalypse slaughters the box office
...exceeding expectations with an estimated $23.7 million
Hero takes the top box office slot for the 2nd week in a row
...hauling in $11.5 million
Hero charges into first place at this weekend's box office
...with an estimated $17.8 million
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement takes the box office
...earning between $8 and $9 million yesterday
Collateral claims the top spot at the box office
...grossing an estimated $24.4 million
The Village scares it's way to #1 at the box office
...M. Night Shyamalan's latest takes in an estimated $50.8 million
The Bourne Supremacy nets $53.5 million on top of the Box Office charts
...while Catwoman comes in 3rd
I, Robot tops the box office charts
...a $52.3 million opening weekend
Spider-man 2 takes $180.1 at the box office it's first 6 days
Fahrenheit 9/11 rules the box office
...becoming the first documentary to debut as Hollywood's top weekend film
Potter tops the box office the top spot with an estimated $35.1 million
Pottter enchants the box office
...levitated an estimated $92.6 million
Shrek 2 holds the top box office spot while The Day After comes in second
...during the first three days of the Memorial Day holiday weekend
Troy conquers the box office
...taking a $45.6 million victory
Van Helsing slays the box office
...scaring up a domestic gross of an estimated $54.2 million
Man on Fire and 13 Going On 30 heat up the box office
...the latest theatrical happenings
The Passion kills The Alamo at the box office
...taking in an estimated $17.1 million
NASCAR 3D breaks IMAX box office records
...the best opening ever for an originally produced IMAX® film
THE PASSION earning a box office total of $125.2 million
...breaking records and setting new ones
RETURN OF THE KING holding it's reign at the Box Office new award nominations announced
'King' Crushes Weekend Box Office worldwide box office champ raises the bar
'The Last Samurai' carves up the box office
...but still disappoints amid bitter winter weather

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