Brandon Routh Not Starring in ‘Superman Returns 2’?

Rumors abound connecting the film with the upcoming ‘Justice League of America’.
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Variety had reported on Thursday, that Bryan Singer would not be returning to direct Superman: The Man of Steel. The publication also mentioned that Brandon Routh would not be returning in the film as well:

The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in Justice League of America.

Now, Latino Review has posted a story confirming that DC Comics had informed them weeks ago that Routh would not be in the next film. They were asked not to reveal this information to the public, but since Variety spilled the beans, they decided to write a story confirming the news. The site says:

Variety has now confirmed what we've secretly known for a while and Brandon Routh will be replaced in the stand alone sequel by whomever is cast as Superman in the upcoming Justice League of America movie.

At this point, Warner Bros. has not mentioned anything about these revelations.

Man of Steel was released June 14th, 2013.

Justice League Part 1 comes to theaters November 17th, 2017.

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  • william28 • 8 years ago

    it's seem to be unfair for me if you're going to change brandon routh for the role as superman that will be biggest failure in your movie if you're going to change the cast. what about the fans of brandon routh?

    That is really not fair!


    • mcleve02 • 8 years ago

      this still is not going to be a very good film. i am very worried aabout this film and the effect it will have on the comic book world...


      • aylagas55 • 8 years ago



        • brian • 8 years ago

          JLA is gonna be god awful. When is Hollywood gonna realize Comic-book flix are over...


          • eskate85 • 8 years ago

            Superman Returns sucked, new Superman will suck, JLA will suck. It sure is disappointing to see movies that could have been cool turn to sh*t because of money hungry movie executives. best thing we can do is just not see them in theatres.


            • marcelillo • 8 years ago

              flashbacks of batman forever & batman & robin are coming to my mind. They're gonna destroy the franchise... how hard is it to do an intelligent, innovative, stick to your seat movie?? I guess it is hard... Justice League is gonna suck real bad, Its gonna be a Mystery Men kind of movie but without the comedy


              • brewdawg • 8 years ago

                Edge its hollywood they dont need a thought process. all they need is their precious money


                • narrator • 8 years ago

                  Routh was great. this is so stupid.


                  • cwalkenistheman • 8 years ago

                    I'm pissed. This is a horrible desicion......I don't understand their f*cking thinking process here......


                    • g-reg • 8 years ago

                      Brandon Routh was a great superman and Bryan Singer was a great director...this new moive will suck without them.


                      • jose718 • 8 years ago

                        i care less about ALL THIS SH*T


                        • capisdead • 8 years ago

                          that could be very cool. Especially a wa to bring the DC universe together somewhat in film form. I like this idea.


                          • taberjohnson18 • 8 years ago

                            I just hope it gets made, of course, if Singer isn't doing it, maybe not. I got excited when Bryan was talking about an alien villain


                            • killahmovie24 • 8 years ago

                              its the truth though keep routh let smallville's superman do jla, and release The dark knight early and we will all be happy!!!


                              • lonewolf419 • 8 years ago

                                Is the author of this article a complete and total imbecile? The Forthcoming JLA movie and Superman Returns II have nothing to do with each other. They are two completley different concepts, set in different times and places. They are are about as relevant to each other As Batman Begins is to Batman Beyond (the cartoon). Idiot. Check your facts before you print a story.


                                • 2movieguys • 8 years ago

                                  The the only reason Brandon Routh got the part in "Superman Returns" is his "resemblance" to Christopher Reeve!! Other than that Brandon Routh couldn't act his way out of a paperbag!!

                                  "Superman Returns" was a glum, lackluster movie in which even the big effects sequences seem dutiful instead of exhilarating!!!

                                  "Superman Returns" finds no reason for being, other than that it was a summer movie, and that the computer graphics have improved since the superhero days of Christopher Reeve!!

                                  I'm wondering how Brandon Routh got out of his contract for "Superman 2"??, because back in 2006 Brandon Routh, Bryan Singer, and Kevin Spacey all signed on for the sequel, which at that time the working title was "The Man of Steel"!


                                  • cerealkiller • 8 years ago

                                    Brandon Routh was great as Superman.


                                    • buriblazing • 8 years ago

                                      Brandon routh is a great superman for the role he looks

                                      exactly like christopher reeve and talks like him

                                      his casting was a miracle if he is out dont bother making man of steel sequel the first movie made 200 million at

                                      the box office dont try to fix anything just improve the script and more villians dont change superman its the core of the film.


                                      • deeman138 • 8 years ago

                                        I heard that JLA is going to be a kiddie movie.


                                        • artkid04 • 8 years ago

                                          This sucks, i hope JLA is good.


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