Breck Eisner Talks ‘Flash Gordon’

Eisner discusses the screenplay and how he's basing the film on Alex Raymond's strips.
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Flash Gordon will be based on Alex Raymond's comic strips from the 30's and 40's During recent interviews with Heat Vision and Movieline, director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) discussed his highly anticipated remake of Flash Gordon.

Here is what Eisner had to say about what stage the screenplay is at:

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are working on the script right now. We're on the second draft now. It should be in the studio in a month or two. I'm very bullish on it. But it's a giant movie and will take a long time to do.

He then discussed process of making this movie in the effects laden 21st Century:

Flash Gordon is a project I've been pursuing for years, it's a real passion of mine. The writers have been breaking story the past couple of months, and we have a couple months to go until the draft goes into Sony. Assuming they achieve everything we talked about, I think it will be a really great script. It's not a remake of any movie that's been done before. Nothing to do with the camp of the '80s, nothing to do with the serials of the '50s. It's definitely based on the Alex Raymond strips from the '30s and '40s, told from the point of view as if he was redoing the strips today. The audience that was reading the strips back then was a very different audience that today's audience. It's an action-adventure, very dynamic, aggressive, with a really strong central character.

Flash Gordon originally appeared as a science fiction newspaper comic strip created and drawn by Alex Raymond in the 1930s - The strip was first adapted to the screen via Buster Crabbe serials and made into a lavish 1980 film starring Sam Jones.

Flash Gordon comes to theaters in 2016.

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  • robertswww • 6 years ago

    Yeah, it's impossible to get the Queen film score out of one's head. The music, along with the corny sets, sexy Princess Aura, and James Bond actors... Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin and Topol. No wonder it went on to become a cult classic.

    I hope they do take the remake in an entirely different direction, as there is a lot of room for exploration of the Flash Gordon "saviour of the universe" character's universe.


    • knobie09 • 6 years ago

      i was expecting PARAMOUNT PICTURES to produce the film since "flash gordon" IS(i guess)owned by hearst ent.(owned by paramount).


      • knobie09 • 6 years ago

        Err:so do i!! here praying this one version makes good shock treatment against it.


        • err2005 • 6 years ago

          i still the hear queen's FG theme song in my head everytime i read the words "flash gordon"

          or hear about it or if it even crosses my mind.




          • instead8909 • 6 years ago

            I've seen the black and white films to the horrible TV show that tried to reboot it and for some reason I still enjoyed it.


            • the-kwisatz-haderach • 6 years ago

              I love the original film, its hilarious. with the Egle people flying around and that song, "FLASH! Flash Gordon!" all opera sounding classic!


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