Brett Ratner to Direct ‘Midnight Run 2’

David Elliot and Paul Lovett will rewrite the script for this sequel starring Robert De Niro as bounty hunter Jack Walsh.
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Brett Ratner is directing the Untitled Midnight Run Sequel Filmmaker Brett Ratner has signed on to direct the Untitled Midnight Run Sequel for Universal Pictures, which has Robert De Niro attached to star.

The studio has also hired the writing team of David Elliot and Paul Lovett (Four Brothers) to rewrite the script. Timothy Dowling wrote the original draft. Robert De Niro will return as bounty hunter Jack Walsh from Midnight Run. The sequel will continue Jack Walsh's story line, but it still isn't known if his Midnight Run co-star Charles Grodin will return as Jonathan Mardukas. We reported way back in June 2010 that Charles Grodin was considering a return to acting so he could play 'The Duke' once more. Charles Grodin retired from acting in the 1990s.

Robert De Niro is also producing the Untitled Midnight Run Sequel with his Tribeca Films partner Jane Rosenthal and Brett Ratner's Rat Entertainment. No production schedule was given for the Untitled Midnight Run Sequel.

Untitled Midnight Run Sequel was released in 2012.


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  • ejk1 • 4 years ago

    @pjwolsker Eastwood's old. Have yet to hear about a new Dirty Harry film. There is no sequel to Unforgiven forthcoming. Oh, and if one is trying to stay "relevant," one shouldn't trot out their old carcasses and try to squeeze more juice from them.


    • pjwolsker • 4 years ago

      @thedude1@ejk1 maybe its an aging thing?? he's been doing a lot of action/thriller movies lately.. maybe he's trying to stay "relevant"???


      • thedude1 • 4 years ago

        @ejk1 I have to agree. While I did enjoy Killer Elite he had a small role and he does seem like he will do any movie nowadays for a paycheck. The guy can't be broke. I have no idea what he is thinking.


        • ejk1 • 4 years ago

          Alright DeNiro wonks, remember when Killer Elite was released and I wrote that eulogy for Bobby's career? And some of you became defensive? Well, it's time to defend your boy, because this is tantamount to career suicide. A sequel more than 20 years later? With Brett Ratner? And Charles Grodin, who hasn't acted since what, Beethoven in 1992? Yeah kids, defend this move.


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