Carrie 'You Will Know Her Name' Poster

Chloe Grace Moretz insists that there will be no mistaking this telekinetic teen when she shows up for the party on October 18th.
BYB. Alan Orange | June 6th, 2013
Carrie 'You Will Know Her Name' Poster

Carrie has considerable plans for Halloween this year, and they include scaring you to death. Before the awkward high school student is doused with pig's blood at prom, you will know her name! Or so insists the latest poster for this October release, a remake of the classic Brian De Palma thriller that has captivated audiences for over 35 years. Will Chloe Grace Moretz be able to recapture the telekinetic prowess of a young Sissy Spacek? Or will she flame out walking in those legendary footsteps? Take a look at the latest from this Kimberly Pierce directed experiment in alienation and terror, and then decide for yourself this fall.

Carrie Poster

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