‘Clerks III’ Planned for a 2014 Release Date

Director Kevin Smith wants to release his final movie in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of his first film ‘Clerks’.
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‘Clerks III’ Planned for a 2014 Release Date

Clerks 3 Eyes 2014 Release DateEarlier this month, director Kevin Smith confirmed that his final movie will be Clerks III, now that Hit Somebody is slated to become a television mini-series. The filmmaker recently appeared on Good Day L.A., where he said that he is planning a 2014 release date for Clerks III, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Clerks.

"It's coming up on the 20th Anniversary, that's why I recently tweeted out that we're doing Clerks III, hopefully in 2014. I only tweeted that because I talked about doing Hit Somebody as my last movie, but now it's going to be a mini-series, a six-part mini-series. A lot of people said, 'Hey that's not going to be your last movie. What's your last movie?' People were guessing, 'You may be able to do Clerks III now.' So, instead of letting people guess that for a year, I said I will do Clerks III."

When asked if the budget for his final movie will also be $27,000 like Clerks, he gave this response.

"That would be amazing. I would try that."

Clerks III was released in 2015.


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