Could ‘Avatar’'s 3D Inspire 3D Versions of ‘Star Wars’?

It seems George Lucas was impressed by Cameron's film and could use his technology for 3D versions of his films.
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Could ‘Avatar’'s 3D Inspire 3D Versions of ‘Star Wars’?

Star Wars coming to 3D? There had been talk about 3D versions of George Lucas's legendary trilogy for some time now, but it seems that James Cameron's latest film could help make that a reality. Access Hollywood recently spoke with George Lucas and he revealed the technological breakthroughs in Avatar could lead to 3D versions of his Star Wars films.

"We've been looking for years and years and years of trying to take Star Wars and put it in 3D," George explained to Access. "But, [the] technology hasn't been there. We've been struggling with it, but I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen."

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any news of Star Wars in 3D as soon as more information comes in.

Avatar was released December 18th, 2009.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released May 25th, 1977.

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  • ccollette93 • 5 years ago

    They need to breath new life to star wars, give us something we haven't seen, make star wars awesome again, not this animated bull sh*t, and certainly not about how darth vader cries himself to sleep because of his little bitch ass feeling


    • emmytt • 5 years ago

      @emmytt now i love it lol


      • jc • 5 years ago

        im TOTALLY up for it:)


        • instead8909 • 6 years ago

          The animated film wasn't that bad, I liked it. It was more of a war type of film, fast, story was good but not great. I gave it an 8 out of ten.


          • shuabert • 6 years ago

            The only Clone Wars anything I've seen is a couple episodes of the original animated mini-series *yawn*.

            I've heard the movie is awful but the new CGI series is pretty good.


            • slysnide • 6 years ago

              I noticed that too ZanyZap. Odd how he got front row seating when he wasn't even up for anything. Although it didn't look too comfortable to be turned halfway around craning his neck up at the stage all night. lolz. I couldn't see who else was at his table. Spielberg perhaps? Nah, they would've given him lots of close ups if he was. HA!


              • emmytt • 6 years ago

                God I Hate Avatar,but this is cool news


                • azador • 6 years ago

                  @ Josh: Yes, I was more referring to his portrayal in The Clone Wars movie and show. I suppose I should've clarified.


                  • zanyzap • 6 years ago

                    George looked like a four-eyed gum-drop with a trucker beard at the Globes...


                    • shuabert • 6 years ago

                      CGI Yoda was awesome. The emotion in his eyes in episode III gets me every time in a way puppets never could.


                      • instead8909 • 6 years ago

                        Ha George, retire all ready and take up a hobby. Write a series of books, play tennis, gulf or what ever and stop coming back. Let your daughter take over since you planned it, still can't believe that you're considering this.


                        • radimus-83 • 6 years ago

                          I love Star Wars. But this is ripping the dick out of it. God damn you George, take up tennis or something!


                          • err2005 • 6 years ago

                            WOO HOO!

                            woohoo because i'm the 67th comment, not the 3D star wars thing,

                            i don't care about star wars anymore.


                            • azador • 6 years ago

                              @Mad Max

                              "Yes...there needs to be episodes 7, 8 & 9 done in CGI."

                              Lucas and CGI don't mix. It's what destroyed episode II and turned Yoda into a joke. CGI is meant to accent the real elements of a film, not attempt carry the film until it trips over itself and brings the entire movie down. (again, episode II)

                              This video proves my point.



                              • instead8909 • 6 years ago

                                I realize there are other characters in different time lines but I have a feeling about all of this.

                                As every one knows Cameron did Avatar in 3D, Lucas now wants to put his into 3D but I'm sure he has a plan. After the updated versions of all six, he'll attempt a new trilogy.

                                He's an open book, and he said years ago that he didn't want to go back to his trilogy. He did and updated it, so he could make the awful prequel. He proclaimed he had no intention of ever making another film in the universe, later a seventh came out. Animated, and I liked it, I even watch it and enjoy it to the core.

                                The only question we should be asking him is, when are you going to retire? He's a bastered in so many ways, but an intelligent one.

                                The directors all of you suggested would be awesome, except Tarintino, I don't like him.

                                KOTOR would be awesome or anything else with different characters, as long the actors are good enough than I'll watch.


                                • punkpryncess • 6 years ago

                                  It would be cool to have all 6 movies to have 3D versions, that comes with a couple of 3D glasses....You gotta have the 3D glasses that comes with the 3D versions. What fun will it be watching them without the 3D glasses, huh?


                                  • spack • 6 years ago

                                    Well it should! If an old trilogy that deserves a 3D remake, it's better to be Star Wars than any trilogy (I mean the LotR and other movies). Uh, and Back to the Future please! I'm waiting with my Real 3D glasses.


                                    • soylentgreen • 6 years ago

                                      I once heard of an artist who one day went to the Louvre and decided to touch up on his painting. He was immediately arrested. The guard said to the artist: "It's in the Louvre. It's finished."

                                      George Lucas is the modern day equivalent of that artist. The O.G. Trilogy is a f*cking masterpiece. But, for some reason, in George Lucas' eyes, they're flawed (because they don't live up to his vision. Well, anyone who's seen the Prequel Trilogy knows that Lucas lost his artistic vision long ago). So, he decided to go hire someone to touch up on his art and practically ruined it (The Special Edition versions of the films are insulting, see RedLetterMedia's review of "The Phantom Menace").

                                      George Lucas is a pig and if there are to be future Star Wars films, they should be helmed by someone else, and they should NOT be 3-D versions of completed masterpieces.

                                      If there is to be a SEQUEL trilogy, I suggest:

                                      - Steven Spielberg (a man who seems to have his head on straight)

                                      - Peter Weir

                                      - Frank Darabont


                                      • johnnyblaze09 • 6 years ago

                                        Nice title Narzion 'Start Wars' sounds like there's really a reboot. I wanna watch the Blind Side in 3D too, fun one Mushy. lol.

                                        For this news, all I can think of is that this is a twist of fate. The reason why Cameron jumped out of his truck is because of Star Wars.

                                        Anyway, in 3D Star Wars would be a very nice & cool intergalactic wars, especially to new fans. And I agree to flavor it in eps 7, 8, 9 and this might reboot the interest of every fan in this name.


                                        • taberjohnson18 • 6 years ago

                                          What's wrong with the tv show is that it's bad.

                                          -Crappy, trite stories

                                          -Bad voice acting

                                          -Boring, shallow animation

                                          Genndy Tartakovski did it first, did it best.


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