Cowboys and Aliens Sees Olivia Wilde in the Nude

The actress gets into her birthday suit in this new science fiction western.
BYEvan Jacobs | August 2nd, 2010

"Olivia Wilde goes nude for Cowboys and Aliens The Toronto Sun is reporting that Olivia Wilde has filmed a nude scene in Jon Favreau's upcoming graphic novel adaptation Cowboys and Aliens. The film stars Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

"We just finished shooting Olivia Wilde naked in front of a bonfire in front of 500 Apache warriors," says co-star Adam Beach . "That was beautiful. You won't get to see what I saw, but you'll get a glimpse."

And what did Wilde herself have to say about this scene?

"Last night, we did a scene where I'm naked in front of a group of couple hundred Apache. Pretty amazing, pretty interesting."

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