Crazy New Crank High Voltage Photos

Chev Chelios is reimagined as a stomping Godzilla-sized character.
BYB. Alan Orange | July 21st, 2008

The Los Angeles Times Backlot has posted a series of seriously crazy photos from the Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor sequel Crank High Voltage. The images show an animatronic Jason Statham head that is utilized on a stuntman in what looks to be a scene right out of Godzilla. That's right, it seems that Chev Chelios somehow grows into the size of a skyscraper.

To look at the awesome backstage photos, CLICK HERE

Crank High Voltage

Crank High Voltage opens April 17th, 2009. To see exclusive video clips from the film, make sure to visit the Masters of the Web panel happening only at Comic Con. The fun starts at 10 am in room 32AB.

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