‘Dark Skies’ Infographic Breaks Down Unexplained Phenomena

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star as a couple who witness disturbing and unexplained events in director Scott Stewart's thriller.
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‘Dark Skies’ Infographic Breaks Down Unexplained Phenomena

Dimension Films' upcoming thriller Dark Skies centers on a married couple (Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton) who learn that an alien force is preying on their children. While this is not based on a true story, there are unexplained events occurring all the time in real life. The studio has debuted an intriguing infographic that sheds some light on these strange happenings. For instance, did you know that in 1816, a sudden "ice age" hit the Eastern Seaboard? Take a look at this image to learn more about these occurrences happening all around us.

Dark Skies Infographic

Dark Skies was released February 22nd, 2013.

Sources: Dimension Films

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