Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster Set for ‘Pandorum’

Christian Alvart directs the sci-fi thriller.
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Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster have signed on to topline the sci-fi thriller Pandorum, with Constantin Film financing and Overture Films releasing domestically.

According to Variety, Christian Alvart, who made his directorial debut on Antibodies, is attached to direct.

Pandorum, penned by Travis Milloy, centers on two crewmen who awaken aboard their spacecraft unaware of their mission or identities and then make a discovery that threatens the survival of mankind.

Production begins in early August in Berlin.

Pandorum was released September 25th, 2009.


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  • sirmetro • 7 years ago

    Dennis must have hired a new agents evidenced by an increase in good roles.I'm always for the rise of good actors


    • danbrch • 7 years ago

      I'd buy that for a dollar.


      • marcusx • 7 years ago

        sounds neat actually


        • e3842 • 7 years ago

          OK, here is my guess. The two crewmen were captured by the enemy in a war between Earth and another planet. They were robbed of their identities and programmed to believe their mission is to deliver a planet destroying bomb to the enemy homeworld. Turns out they are delivering the bomb to Earth. Hum. Oh, wait a sec. That was the plot of a multiple episode story on the 1990's version of The Outer Limits. Nah, they wouldn't display that type of lack of originality. Would they?


          • space101 • 7 years ago

            Hmm sounds interresting with 2 good actors...gonna wait for more details on this story...


            • the-kwisatz-haderach • 7 years ago

              Dennis Quaid is a busy man these days.


              • 2movieguys • 7 years ago

                Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster...I'm sooo there!!!

                Dennis Quaid is 1 of my fav actors!! Very talented, & yet so Under-Rated in Hollywood!

                Foster was great in both "3:10 to Yuma" & "30 Days of Night"!


                • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

                  Foster was great in 3:10 to yuma


                  • cloudzerox • 7 years ago

                    The plot sounds pretty good, from the brief description and Dennis Quaid is a good actor and Ben Foster can do well given a strong supporting cast


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