‘Django Unchained’ Leonardo DiCaprio Featurette

Stars Jamie Foxx and director Quentin Tarantino praise the actor's indelible performance as plantation owner Calvin Candie in this latest look at the hit film.
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‘Django Unchained’ Leonardo DiCaprio Featurette

Django Unchained opened in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day, earning an impressive $15 million over the holiday. The Weinstein Company has debuted a new featurette focusing on Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays plantation owner Calvin Candie. Stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and director Quentin Tarantino discuss how impressed they were with Leonardo DiCaprio's performance, and how committed he was to this deplorable character. Go behind-the-scenes with this "Southern" before watching it again in theaters this weekend.

Django Unchained was released December 25th, 2012.

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  • Number1Wolverine • 3 years ago

    Dicaprio was excellent as Calvin Candie, but hands down the best performance of the movie was Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz, he stole the show and deserves the Oscar for best supporting actor.


    • daveactor7 • 3 years ago

      he deserves the oscar. This is Dicaprio's time. When I saw the film he blew me away. I felt like I wasn't watching Dicaprio. I felt I was watching Calvin Candie. Amazing performance. If he does not beat out Jones or Hoffman ima call it robbery.


      • thedude-abides • 3 years ago

        After seeing the film, I don't see him beating out Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Supporting category, but he's definitely deserving of a nomination.


        • Roberto-Mata • 3 years ago

          Is a Great Film, Waltz, Dicaprio and Jackson are Amazing, even though Jamie Foxx is the lead, he didn't give a memorable performance, when he is in the same room with Dicaprio and Waltz, you think of him as a supporting character, not the lead, I hope he does better in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


          • therealGoku • 3 years ago

            It was a great movie


            • SherlockHolmes2009 • 3 years ago

              Definetly seeing this after seeing DiCaprios work in this


              • 2movieguys • 3 years ago

                ...Looks good ...Going Sunday!...Can't wait!


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