Early The Dark Knight DVD Packaging

Some new images have hit the net on the various editions this blockbuster will be released in.
BYBrian Gallagher | August 14th, 2008

With the summer winding down, and its biggest release, The Dark Knight, winding down as well, some details have been revealed about what we might expect from the highest-grossing film of the year's DVD rollout. JoBlo was sent some images from a scooper that reveal the various different DVD packaging The Dark Knight will be released in.

According to the site, the film will be released in a two-disc DVD edition, a a steelbook two-disc special edition, a Batpod collectors edition, a Batman mask special edition and the Blu-Ray edition. No details have surfaced on what special features will be released on these discs, but apparently rumored release dates of either December 2 or December 9 have been floating around. Click below to enlarge these new images.

We'll definitely keep you posted on any and all details surrounding these hot releases.

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