Ellen Page to Return as Kitty Pryde in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’; Anna Paquin Is Back as Rogue

Shawn Ashmore will be returning to play Iceman in this Bryan Singer directed sequel that will merge the original trilogy with the prequel.
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Ellen Page to Return as Kitty Pryde in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’; Anna Paquin Is Back as Rogue

Ellen Page returns as Kitty Pride in X-Men: Days of Future Past Man, Hugh Jackman wasn't kidding when he said that nearly every single actor who has ever suited up for an X-Men movie will be returning in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Director Bryan Singer is pulling out the stops when it comes to Mutant wrangling. The director has revealed that Anna Paquin, who starred in the first three films as Rogue, will be returning. But that's not the only good news!

Ellen Page is returning as Kitty Pryde! The character plays one of the most important roles in the comic book run upon which X-Men: Days of Future Past is based, and she will likely play just as important a role in the film version. This casting news hints that the project is on the right track.

Kitty Pryde was originally played by Sumela Kay in the first film, and by Katie Stuart in X2: X-Men United. But it was Ellen Page who took on the role in X-Men: The Last Stand, the first of the three films to really give the popular Marvel character something to do within the context of the main storyline.

Also returning from X-Men: The Last Stand is Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman. How will we be able to keep up with all of these characters? Will they all get enough to do, to make their inclusion worthwhile? We'll just have to wait and see. Here is the Tweet that Bryan Singer sent out, with a thank you nod to X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner.

We'll keep you updated as more X-Men: Days of Future Past casting announcements break.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was released May 23rd, 2014.

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  • lancelievense • 3 years ago

    Good I am glad that she will be back she was good and a good actor


    • cupid • 3 years ago


      • joker926 • 3 years ago

        So far this sounds only like a big X-Men reunion. Which is cool!!! But I haven't been hearing ANYTHING on the rest of the ACTUAL cast from First Class. I'm glad Singer is back, but I hope he doesn't forget this is primarily a sequel to First Class and not just another sequel after Last Stand... which is a movie that never happened.

        If he alters the events of Last Stand as an apology for aborting the last film, then my trust will be earned back once again.


        • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 3 years ago

          Just a fat no no....what is happening here?


          • skywise • 3 years ago

            @Roberto-Mata@justatadmatt In the comic book there are 2 storylines that run parallel. that is the story in the future with the old X men and the story in the present with the younger X men. If they play their cards right there should be an euqal ammount of time for both groups of X Men actors to have their fair share of screen time.


            • k-man • 3 years ago

              All I hope is that this "time travel" plot-line somehow manages to alter the timeline and bring back the characters who were so unjustifiably killed in that abomination, X-Men 3.

              I've been saying it for years, that Cyclops would be an easy fix, if they did an X-Men 4, because you dont actually see him die. Professor X could also be an easy fix, especially given the really crap second ending of X3, because you actually hear his voice talking to the nurse.

              So, with that said, seeing how time travel is being introduced in this film and virtually everyone is coming back....I'd say it's a perfect opportunity to go back in time, stop certain events from happening and bring back our favorite heros, like Cyclops, Professor X and Jean Grey.


              • shuabert • 3 years ago

                I'm really interested to see Singer's take on this story, and how he integrates these two X-Men universes.


                • christina-montana • 3 years ago

                  Why does anyone think there won't be members of the First Class? Lol I'm pretty sure most of them are signed on already. Also-- hopefully Singer falls back into his X1, X2 style.


                  • artkid04 • 3 years ago

                    i'm thinking this film will feature the casts of both X-men first class and X-men trilogy


                    • instead8909 • 3 years ago

                      @ADVU I've grown to like SR though I do agree that Matt shouldn't have taken on another project. He should have stayed.

                      I do enjoy Singers films even if they do seem a bit campy but that's how he is.


                      • ADVU • 3 years ago

                        If Bryan Singer brings back Halle Berry as Storm or Colossus, I am going to hate this movie. I sure hope Matt Vaughn comes back to direct. Ever since Bryan Singer did a horrible job on Superman Returns his movies have sucked hard. His new movie coming out with his take on Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale looks like it will bomb. Not bringing back most of the cast from X-Men First Class is a horrible move. Anyone else feel the same way or am I alone in this whole thing?


                        • jonspidey07 • 3 years ago

                          it definitely helps to have familiar actors come back to play their characters :)


                          • the-movieghost • 3 years ago

                            Ehhhhh... I don't know about all these people...


                            • justatadmatt • 3 years ago

                              i feel like these cameos are literally going to last one second and they are still going to focus on the main characters from First Class...


                              • Roberto-Mata • 3 years ago

                                Well it looks like the film might have a very long run time or might be a two parter.


                                • narrator • 3 years ago

                                  @SherlockHolmes2009 - So not very good, right?


                                  • skywise • 3 years ago

                                    @adamsandlerfggot69 you know, Rogue is one of my 2 favorite X Men and I was sooo disapointed with how they handled her in the movie.


                                    • SherlockHolmes2009 • 3 years ago

                                      Ah Ellen Page, her acting is as good as her hotness


                                      • ROFLitschristian • 3 years ago

                                        @skywise She's easily one of the better actresses in Hollywood.


                                        • adamsandlerfggot69 • 3 years ago

                                          I didn't like Rogue. She was a boring/useless in the past movies. I'm sure she's cool in the comics and crap but the movies not so much imo.


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