EXCLUSIVE: Arthur Newman Featurette 'Mina'

This behind-the-scenes sneak peek features interviews with the cast, available digitally now before its September 3rd debut on Blu-ray and DVD.
BYB. Alan Orange | August 27th, 2013
EXCLUSIVE: Arthur Newman Featurette 'Mina'

Arthur Newman, starring Academy Award Winner Colin Firth and Golden Globe Winner Emily Blunt, is being released digitally August 20th and on Blu-ray + DVD Combo 2pk, DVD and On Demand September 3rd. We have the exclusive debut of a behind-the-scenes featurette that includes interviews with the cast.

Wallace Avery (Colin Firth) hates his job. He's blown his one shot at living his dream, and his relationships are in shambles. Not wanting to face his life, he stages his death and purchases a new identity as Arthur Newman. His hope-filled new existence is soon interrupted by beautiful, reckless and exciting Mike (Emily Blunt). Together they hit the road, not only stealing the identities of those they encounter, but engaging in an elaborate game of role play and crime that leads far from home.

Arthur Newman is available now digitally before its release on Blu-ray + DVD Combo 2pk, DVD and On Demand September 3rd.

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