EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Cranston Wanted as Jigsaw in ‘Saw’ Remake?

Tobin Bell contemplates who will take over the iconic horror role when they reboot the franchise in the future.
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Bryan Cranston Wanted as Jigsaw in Saw Remake?

Tobin Bell contemplates who will take over the iconic horror role when they reboot the franchise in the future

Every great horror movie gets remade nowadays, and as we've seen in the super hero genre with the upcoming Untitled Spider-Man Reboot, no popular property is left dormant for long. Saw 3D is intended to be the final swan song for this long running slasher franchise, but as we all well know, no 'final chapter' is ever the final chapter. Saw may be getting a 'reboot' or a 'remake' sooner than you think.

The franchise continues to pull in hefty sums of money both at the box office and on the home video circuit, so if this Friday's release of Saw 3D proves to be as lucrative as previous chapters in the saga, you can expect more Saw in the very near future. Though, this will be the 'final' installment of this particular run. Which means, yes, they could reboot the entire series. Either that, or they could hand the whole thing off to Cary Elwes's Dr. Gordon, who is returning in Saw 3D for the first time since the original in 2004.

We recently caught up with Tobin Bell, the man behind Saw's classic villain John "Jigsaw" Kramer. We decided to cut to the chase and ask him his thoughts on the Saw remake/reboot now instead of getting his thoughts on it two years down the road. The actor, who is always a joy to talk to, wouldn't name names, but he did hint that he'd like to see both Bryan Cranston and Thomas Jane possibly take over the role in the near future. He also gave us his thoughts on relinquishing the role, and the possibility of Dr. Gordon replacing Jigsaw as the villain in Saw 8:

Two years from now, when they remake Saw, who do you think should take over for Jigsaw? Do you have your eye on any particular actor?

Tobin Bell: There are so many good actors on shows like Breaking Bad, Hung, and some of these great cable shows that are on HBO and Showtime. It's hard for me to give you an answer.

How do you think you'll feel when someone does comes in and takes over the role?

Tobin Bell: If someone has a good idea, they should run with it, whatever it is. I like good writing. And good drama. Everyone is replaceable.

Though they claim this is the last installment, I've heard some murmurings that Cary Elwes' Dr. Gordon is being conditioned to take over with his own Saw franchise? What are your thoughts on that? And would you participate in it?

Tobin Bell: I have not heard anything about that. At all. As an actor, I am interested in good drama. I could care less about the size of roles. I just care that you give me a good script. I will participate in anything.

That leads back into the question: Do you actually think this is the end of Saw? Looking at Final Destination, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and countless other franchises, when its announced that 'this is the end', it never really is 'the end'. In all likelihood, how possible is Saw 8? And if it happens? Do you think you'll return?

Tobin Bell: I can't refute what you are saying. It is true that this does happen. But I want to take these guys at their word. That this is where they are going. Beyond that? After we did Saw I , I didn't know where we were going after that. It would be hard for me to have any real concept about what is going to happen from here. If it were my project? I would know more. But its not. I can only deal with those things that I have some control over. This is not one of them.

Saw 3D was released October 29th, 2010.


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  • err2005 • 5 years ago

    bryan cranston is top notch, but like the dude says, this was just one mans opinion, not an announcement of a greenlit idea, so i won't bother saying that as much as i like cranston, this idea is kinda beneath him.


    • cyn-de-harven • 5 years ago

      Oh geez is that all.


      • thedude1 • 5 years ago

        Okay people are freaking stupid on this topic. The only ones that are talking about a remake in this article are the idiots from Movieweb. All Tobin Bell did was answer a hypothetical question about what he thought of a remake down the road. No one from the company itself or any of the directors have said it was going to be remade nor did they even say it was an idea.


        • nightwing18 • 5 years ago

          what why are they remaking this movie it came out like in 2000 or something its not that old this is so stupied


          • doubler0522 • 5 years ago



            • thedude1 • 5 years ago

              @b3njamin They aren't remaking it. It is all talk at this point. This site started the talk of a reboot by asking Tobin Bell about the possibility of it. There is no evidence that Lionsgate is actually considering that idea yet.


              • b3njamin • 5 years ago

                Why are they remaking SAW??


                • dan1 • 5 years ago

                  So Movieweb, when are you gonna say this was all just a bad joke?...... please? lol


                  • moviegeek • 5 years ago

                    Up next... The Jigsaw Chronicles.


                    • 2movieguys • 5 years ago

                      ROFL!!!!! WASTE OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                      • instead8909 • 5 years ago

                        This franchise will not be finishing any time soon.


                        • drifter49 • 5 years ago

                          No Nukes No Nukes.....oops wrong movie.

                          No more Saw No more Saw.


                          • jimthar • 5 years ago

                            wow. they just ruined part of saw 7 by RUMORING that gordon will take over for jigsaw. well i guess we know who ISN'T dying in this one. thanks guys. way to ruin the movie for us.


                            • thedarkknight12 • 5 years ago

                              when the end begins there is another beginning


                              • josedrosa • 5 years ago

                                @TheDude1.. well your right but James Wan and Leigh Whannell should milk it. if they wanna be creative in films businness they should continue doing other projects( i know they did some other films) but let saw to rest.. they did a great job writing/directing/producing. cuz they wouldnt be another jigsaw in my eyes. just tobin bell but watever i hope its a joke


                                • fanboy • 5 years ago

                                  in it just for the money? typical Hollywood!


                                  • shuabert • 5 years ago

                                    Oh, that this was only another classic MovieWeb April Fool's joke.


                                    • drewski37 • 5 years ago

                                      i think i need to puke.......ACK!..oh wait it was just a hairball, still reading something like this still makes me want to puke!


                                      • thedude1 • 5 years ago

                                        @remy72883 My god stop acting like you are surprised. If you work for the company that makes these movies you would also want to continue to make them. Milking of movies happens all the time. Just look at the milk master himself James Cameron. Since Avatar was released late last year Avatar has been released twice on DVD/Blu Ray with a third release coming next next and also a rerelease in theaters. Now that is milking.


                                        • remy72883 • 5 years ago

                                          just like the Final destination series let this sh*t just die these movies suck, the first one was good and that was IT, i mean god damn i was oping this was the last but it looks like whoever is making these films wants to keep milking them


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