EXCLUSIVE: Jamesy Boy Clip 'Meeting Crystal'

James' path to prison is highlighted in this mini-mart robbery where he meets the gutter trash of his dreams. On VOD now and in theaters January 17.
BYB. Alan Orange | January 8th, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Jamesy Boy Clip 'Meeting Crystal'

Jamesy Boy is the story of teenager James Burns (played by Spencer Lofranco) who goes from the suburban street gangs to a maximum-security prison cell surrounded by hardened criminals. In prison, he forms a friendship with a convicted murderer (Ving Rhames) who becomes his mentor and helps him turn his life around. In this unlikely setting, James ultimately emerges with hope and a brighter future. We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie, which is available now on VOD before it hits theaters on January 17. Watch as James falls in line with his destiny, helping to rob a mini-mart, where he meets Crystal (Rosa Salazar), the gutter trash of his dreams and plans on getting high. But will the cops intervene first?

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