EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Knoxville talks WALKING TALL!

"Not everybody gets a second chance to redeem themselves..."
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Question: Ray’s a little bit of a different character for you was it a conscious decision to take role like this or just timing?

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Oh, yeah, playing an ex-junkie, that’s a big mix, you know, toss up for me. What was the question? I’m hung over.

Question: What was the appeal of this role, why did you take that part?

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: I don’t know. I thought I could, could portray this character in a certain manner. Plus, shoot in Vancouver, all summer, you know. It’s all about location.

Question: We were taking about Ray.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Right. Oh yes. Right.

Question: One of the great things about relationship between Chris and Ray is that Chris is to Ray a second chance. Not everybody gets a second chance to redeem themselves.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: And thank God the writers wrote that in. ‘Cause where would the movie be without that little back-story?

Question: What about the physicality of the role. Ray has a pretty big fight scene coming up at the Vaughn house, and it’s choreographed. Do you like that?

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Yeah. They had a stunt guy standing by to do the stunts. And I just didn’t think it made much sense for him to do the stunts. Unless it’s something technical that I can’t do, I would just go ahead and do it. It just seems, little better that way.

Walking Tall was released April 2nd, 2004.

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