EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Eastman Gives ‘Heavy Metal’ Updates

The producer reveals that the anticipated project is very close to getting off the ground.
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http://movieweb.com/movie/heavy-metal-2015/Heavy Metal Earlier today I spoke with Kevin Eastman, who spoke about his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 7 DVD set that hits the shelves on May 12. He also revealed that the highly-anticipated Heavy Metal film project that he's producing along with David Fincher and Tim Miller is finally nearing a start date and we should expect an announcement very soon. Here's what Eastman had to say.

Kevin Eastman: Right now, David has a grand plan and he's asked us to sort of keep those cards close to our chest until the right announcement comes out, but what I can tell you is that part of the frustrating part of going through the studio system, which David knows more than Tim (Miller) and I. Guys like Zack Snyder and Gore Verbinski and Mark Osborne have committed to come on board and direct sequences in this. There are three other directors, that I can't tell you yet, but will be jaw-dropping when we can tell you. David has put together a program that is pretty outstanding and it's sort of fascinating for guys like Tim and I, who have worked at the studio level, at a number of levels, but never at a David Fincher level. Whereas we would've probably agreed to the deal seven versions ago, David is still negotiating and it's like, 'Oh my God, we just want to do this movie,' but, all kidding aside, that's why we're working with David. Not only does he have just a brilliant vision, and a great sense of storytelling but he's very committed to doing this right. We don't want to spend $50 million and not blow everybody out of the water with this project. I'd guess within the next 30 days would be the official announcement of what's going on and where it's going, and then we can talk again.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any Heavy Metal updates as soon as we have more information, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my full interview with Eastman very soon.

Heavy Metal was released in 2015.

Sources: Brian Gallagher

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  • reelmein • 6 years ago

    it sounds like they are going to do a good job on it

    i hope so and on the music iam sure they will do a good job on that too


    • annoyingfilmcritic • 6 years ago

      Wayyy cool...glad David Fincher is on board.


      • raoulduke33 • 6 years ago

        I wonder what songs they're gonna use this time around. Some Maiden would be nice. And some Priest. Maybe some of that new Heaven and Hell. EATING THE CANNIBALS!!!! Can't wait to see how this turns out.


        • err2005 • 6 years ago

          kevin eastman and peter laird were my heroes when i was like 12.

          anyway i look forward to a new heavy metal movie.

          should be entertaining to see where animation has gone to.

          in the seventies there were ground-breaking animators and artists roaming the earth shattering minds everywhere they went.

          in the 00's we have seth macfarlane, and mike and spike.

          kind of a step down.


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