EXCLUSIVE: Paul W.S. Anderson Confirms ‘Resident Evil 6’ Will End the Franchise

The director reveals that the upcoming sequel will bring all of the previous movies full circle, and will feature the end of the world.
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EXCLUSIVE: Paul W.S. Anderson Confirms ‘Resident Evil 6’ Will End the Franchise

Resident Evil 6 to end the franchise says Paul W.S. AndersonPaul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution arrives on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD today. We caught up with the director to chat about the home video release, and he confirmed to us that Resident Evil 6 is going to be the final installment in this long-running action-horror franchise based on the popular video game.

"I feel that [Resident Evil: Retribution] is very much the beginning of the end for the Resident Evil franchise. I see this movie as the beginning of the end, and the set-up for an epic, and truly spectacular finale. Which I hope will be the next movie."

What does Paul W.S. Anderson hope to achieve with his final swan song?

"I couldn't possible tell you that. Definitely, the destruction and loss of the world. I can't tell you if it's the loss of the entire world. In terms of returning characters and themes, I do see this movie coming full circle. And circling back to the original characters and themes that were featured in the very first film. That's why you saw the return of the Red Queen, and Michelle Rodriguez's character. It is preparing you for a return to the hive, and a return to the scene of the first film."

Are there any characters from the first couple of movies that he'd like to bring back in this final chapter?

"There are a few of them, yes. I felt that, with this movie, there was a limit to what we could do. We were bringing back Colin Salmon, we were bringing back Michelle Rodriguez. There were a lot of returning characters. We were bringing back Sienna Guillory. I didn't want to overwhelm the movie with this endless parade of returning characters. But there are a lot of characters and themes in the franchise that I would like to return to. I think that is going to be one of the fun things. We've taken the audience on this epic journey, and then ultimately realizing that the journey comes back to the very beginning. Hopefully it makes them reexamine everything they have seen in the franchise. I think the final movie will not only be spectacular, but it will also make you want to go back and watch all of those blu-rays and DVDs again. And watch them through a different lens."

We don't have word on when Resident Evil 6 will begin production, but it is being targeted for a 2015 release date.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter comes to theaters January 27th, 2017.

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  • Madoc-J-Preece • 2 years ago

    To the guy below (Mutant). Resident evil was never a "mindless action/zombie film". If you are a fan there is a great story line behind them and you become immersed in that world.


    • instead8909 • 2 years ago

      As much as I enjoy mindless action/zombie films like this, I sure it is the last. Besides I would like to see a better live action version.

      George Romano should have done his instead.


      • sorenmason • 2 years ago

        I have read an incredible storyline for the Resident Evil 6 on Facebook page (Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon). I did visit the page and look for the storyline posted on it. The part 1 is available really amazing and the part 2, according to the page, that it will be posted before the month of July 2013 ends. I hope this storylines must be read by many viewers especially Paul WS Anderson. It's sublime. Don't miss the last chapters of Alice's journey.


        • Mic-Jagger • 2 years ago

          How does this guy get away with rape? I mean he continues to rape everything he touches. He failed hard with mortal kombat, continued his failure with aliens vs predator. Then his worst crime of all. He ruined he f*cked he raped resident evil and he won't let it die. Its like jesus christ resident evil could have been the best video game to movie ever to set the bar for all others. But no its complete sh*t. I had to edit pauls wiki to state he is currently under investigation for raping the RE franchise.


          • Paul-Mather • 2 years ago

            sorry the meaning of cray its crazy


            • Paul-Mather • 2 years ago

              i think it i will be sad because its a good movie and everytime i watch resident evil it make me cray ihope there will be a next actor or the next movie of resident evil cuz iwant more milla


              • Robert-Galvin • 2 years ago

                @SteveYates I'm not sure if you know, but there are 3 animated films based on the Resident Evil video games that have come out. Many fans of the games like it, maybe you could write more sequels to that.... Also on the film writer's topic, I am interested in film writing as well, especially story, and am glad to see others interested too. I hope one day to write something either like a Friday the 13th sequel, Starship Trooper's sequel, or even continue the Live-action Resident Evil franchise (Speakin of which I hope the 6th isn't the last)!


                • Adriano-Ramos • 2 years ago

                  muitos tem preconceito e não gostam por uma mulher ser a atriz principal de um filme de ação bem famoso e reconhecido eu gosto muito do filme e estou esperando ansiosamente por o lançando do Resident Evil 6


                  • Steve-Yates • 2 years ago

                    I agree with all of you and I maybe become a Film Writer, as I'm studying to be one. Then I may do some new R, evil films in the same canonity as the Video games, with a lead / main female game character. Also I've played all of the games and I'm all into the games and I will ask Capcom and Sony (or Paul and his team) - for permission though.


                    • Markus-Negative • 2 years ago

                      I agree with PintsizedMunkeh. Most of those that have commented both here as well as other sites are people that see these films KNOWING that the next one is directed by the same director. If W.S. Anderson is the 'worst director/writer', WHY are you watching these films? To be honest, I'm not a huge fan, but I'm a fan of these movies because of it's own storyline that Anderson created, an alternate storyline, that stands out from the game storyline so that it is unpredictable. If it were possible, and I believe this very strongly, Anderson would have tried to use the game storyline, but Hollywood movie companies have this stupid twisted idea that audiences will NOT like this and will not go for the original story and characters (excellent examples- The X-Men films and Avengers film with little and/or no actual original team members). At this point, a reboot (using the game storyline) would be best- in my opinion- as a CGI film done by the same people that did Resident Evil Degeneration (2008) and Resident Evil Damnation (2012), and have Wesker, Barry, Jill, Chris and Rebecca in the mansion from the 1st game.

                      My advice and suggestion to ANY that hate W.S. Anderson and his films- don't...go...to...see...them. It's that simple.


                      • Andrew-Bird • 3 years ago

                        it won't be the end i hope they start of recceba chambers nd the story resident evil zero nd probbaly turn it into a tv drama nd keep going throughout the games one 2 6


                        • PintsizedMunkeh • 3 years ago

                          What I find entertaining in this comments section is all these people saying what a pile of wank it is yada yada yada, yet you pay to watch each and everyone of them. If they're that bad then why watch them? Some of you or pure simpletons go watch something you think your going to enjoy not something that you've not liked so watch the next instalment. Myself I enjoy the STORYLINE of the films can't complain and can't wait for the final installment


                          • LA-Radd • 3 years ago

                            Paul W.S. Anderson is the worst director/writer. He turns what should be great movies into big piles of sh*t. Resident Evil, Alien vs Predator, Mortal Kombat, The Three Musketeers, etc. I don't know how he keeps getting work.


                            • Gavin-R-Thomas • 3 years ago

                              That cant be theast one i have watch this sence i was 4


                              • Daniel-Lankford • 3 years ago

                                Leon is what im waiting for


                                • James-Markley • 3 years ago

                                  I just want to see Alice, Jill, Ada, Leon, Becky, Chris, Claire, Kmart and Wesker. Then ill be happy.


                                  • Team-Bull-Bowisse-Dofus • 3 years ago

                                    Le RE Rétribution est super ! dommage que il n'y aura pas de suite après le 6 je me suis trop attaché aux personnage 2014 pour voir le dernier va être long je ne vais pas arriver a attendre :'(


                                    • Rocco-Navarro • 3 years ago

                                      I can't wait for the last one. I think it's gonna be a awesome one, so far I saw from the end of Retribution.

                                      I want to see a trailer, when comes the trailer of the 6th movie?


                                      • Haroon-Rock • 3 years ago

                                        i so much excited to watch 6 part of resident evil .. it is coming in 2015 ..


                                        • Nicholas-Belcastro • 3 years ago

                                          I want to see in Resident Evil 6 is the White House from the ending gets under attack and they (Jill, Alice, Becky, Leon, Ada and Albert Wesker take the escape train but ends up into another Umbrella underground lab. The team finds Claire, Chris Redfield with Kmart but Wesker sets them all up and they confront not zombies, dogs, lickers, but also The Hunters and mutated Plants. Jill has to remember what really happened before she got the mind device, Chris/Claire/Kmart manage to free and escape their holding cell from RE:Retribution but rejoin Alice and all the others with Jill saying sorry to Chris/Claire and Kmart for her actions. When Alice fights Wesker once and for all, Wesker turns and inject himself with the virus from the fifth game and bring down umbrella for good and final.


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