EXCLUSIVE: Robert Englund Speaks Out on ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake

The actor famous for originating the role of Freddy Krueger discusses passing the baton to Jackie Earle Haley and more.
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http://movieweb.com/movie/a-nightmare-on-elm-street-2010/The original Freddy Kruger Speaks Out! No actor has had a bigger influence on horror films in the last thirty years than Robert Englund! However, the man who will forever be known to fans around the world as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street has finally passed the torch on to Oscar nominee Jackie Earle Haley who will portray the evil dream-master in the remake of the classic 80's horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, opening in theaters on April 30th. Yesterday, we caught up with Robert Englund while he was attending the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards in downtown Los Angeles, an event that recognizes excellence in global web television programming.

We asked the iconic actor what he thought about the new film and handing over the reigns of the character to Haley? "I haven't seen the movie yet, I've only seen the trailer but you know, I'm more than happy to hand off the baton to Jackie," he replied. "This guy has got such chops. I was a fan of his as far back as the very early '80s in a little film called Breaking Away, about the bicycle racers in the Midwest. Jackie has a kind of wiry build to him so he's bringing a certain energy that I've always thought was appropriate for Freddy, just in his own physicality. I thought he was the best thing in Watchmen so I'm real curious."

Englund continued by discussing his thoughts on the cast of the new film. "There are some other really interesting actors in the film, Clancy Brown, Connie Britton, the kid from Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles (Thomas Dekker), so I'm real curious." We asked the actor to confirm the fact that he would not have a cameo or be appearing in the film in anyway? "Oh no, they want to have their own identity. They're rebooting the franchise and I understand that. I'm not the guy to put down remakes. I think the biggest paycheck I made in the '90s was for a remake of Phantom Of The Opera that I starred in so I understand that it comes with the territory," answered Englund.

We also asked the actor to tell us about his upcoming horror film with Michael Madsen called Web Cam. "I haven't shot it yet. I just read the new script this morning," confessed the actor. "It's a really good plotted script now. There are one or two things that I think they need to fix but it's a real interesting script. We're going to be shooting it in Barcelona now instead of Buenos Ares. But there are some interesting people that are in it. I know Michael Madsen is supposed to be in it and I've heard all sorts of interesting people that are going to play the decadent people in the kind of snuff film within the film. So it's going to be fun." Finally, the actor dropped some hints about another project that he recently finished shooting. "I just worked in Barcelona on another project with Danny Glover and there is a huge renaissance in film there now," Englund said. "It's called . It's about children, violence and film. They're doing the post-production now. I just finished it in January."

A Nightmare on Elm Street was released April 30th, 2010.

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  • skywise • 4 years ago

    @sixx-gun-chick I remebering reading that one reason for the change was because the makeup was effecting Englund's face negativley and he had final say on the makeup. But I have also hated how the makeup became more cartoon like as the movies became more comedic in nature. Once Freddy was the hero he couldn't look quite so...slimey. Check out Freddy's Nightmares...he looks downright adorable in that show.


    • sixx-gun-chick • 4 years ago

      @h0tproperty there was 6 Nightmare on elm streets then the new one and Freddy vs Jason. The one thing I don't get is if you look at all of freddy's make up, they change. The first 2 movies look real, then they become rubber like. Then they did the New Freddy and it looks like he's wearing a halloween mask. I love horror films as much as the next person but it you're gonna do a remake, better have your ideas and stuff down right.


      • Cortney-coco-Hammie • 4 years ago

        Robert Englund is thee best when it comes to horror and i must say that for Nightmare on Elm Street to be my favorite I didn't like the remake at all. The original will always be the best. They really did screw up a good movie with this remake. The actor was horrible no similarities to the original at all. I stopped watching it after the first 10 minutes :'( @thajackal


        • thajackal • 5 years ago

          Yea Robert is the man but the remake was horrible.. Did not enjoy it one bit sorry.


          • vanboy • 5 years ago

            Also Brian, He's directing now. He'd lose a lot more if he said it was crap. He'd look petty and bitchy. So I agree with that. I'm sure he feel the same about this, as Ralph Machio feels about that abomination, The Karate Kid, but he can't say it. I'm sure when he heard about it, he punched a few walls and cursed the thing to Hell. But like you said, when all eyes are watching, (The original Freddy) you got to play nice.


            • vanboy • 5 years ago

              Yeah Zany. I just can't get over the monotone gravel voice. Almost like Wez from The Road Warrior. I can actually hear JEH saying, "You, you can run, but you can't hide". Or, "Losers wait!" Englund was so menacing. Kind of like Frank Welker's Megatron. Englund's Freddy oozed evil and relished it.

              I do like the hint in this one, that the Human version of this Freddy Kruger might have been innocent. That's intriguing, and would allow me to accept him terrorizing the kids this time around.


              • h0tproperty • 5 years ago

                i dont get it, there was already like 4 bad elm street movies. even if this one is bad (i don't think it will be) it probably wont be the worst one. and if its good that means it could spawn a new freddy fanchise. so there is nothing to loose by making this movie, you cant ruin something that has already been dragged in the mud; however, it has everything to gain well money mostly....


                • brian • 5 years ago

                  Of course Englund is not going to bash this remake. He'd look like a total dick if he did and no one would ever wanna work with him again, so what option does that leave him? To "give his blessing" for the film and the actors in it. At the same time, the dude is an artist, and he understands what remake is all about and what people are trying to do with such a "re-imagining"... BUT, like the rest of us, he'll have to wait and see before he makes up his mind.

                  As you all know, I pretty have my mind made up before seeing the remake... and my main reasons are what I've seen in the trailer looks horrible, which is supposed to get me to go and see this thing, and secondly, Platinum Dunes has YET to do justice to ANY remake they've done. I hope the movie fails miserably so that they leave the franchise alone after this thing comes out...

                  Englund will always be the one-and-only Freddy! Everything else is a pale imitation.


                  • joekerr2e • 5 years ago

                    @IamBATMAN I think you might be misunderstanding some of the bashin' you're talkin' about. For instance, mine. I wanted JH for the movie and was excited when they announced it, even excited on the remake, reboot, reimage (or whatever they're calling this one)... my biggest complaint, stop the F'ing casting calls for all previous "twentysomething-playing teensomething" WB actors. That's my complaint. I agree with remaking a lot of these to bring them up to date, but not at the loss of story and a good movie. And you can't say Hollyweird isn't pumpin' this $hit out, quicker than bunnies F'ing in the spring, just for the profit from the new movie goers and the old that hang on to the slim hope that they may pump something out their collective a$$es that's worth watching. Just my opinion... even I could be wrong, but we'll wait until after we see it..... with the whole F'ing WB lineup casted around an incredible character actor.


                    • iambatman • 5 years ago

                      i would like to see people for once watch a remake without trying to compare it to the original because alot of the remakes are not bad they just dont own up to the classics that they follow

                      i would also like to know why people are bashing this one before they see it b/c i have yet to see anything that would make me think its not going to be good and im a pretty big die hard Elm Street fan


                      • vendetta28 • 5 years ago

                        I've done said my speculations on the remake plauge of Hollywood.I think it's both for the money and to get a younger more eager generation into the older films.It's worked for me thus far,I'm watching older movies I've never heard of and I'm finding I like the originals better.

                        As for Englund not bashing the remake.I dont expect him to until he actually sees the movie and not just the trailer.

                        I agree with I AM FRATSON.Robert knows it's time to pass the torch and has done so to a more capable actor.Much like Doug Bradley(pinhead).At some point it must be done.

                        Yet.Through my eye's.Robert Englund will always be the one true Freddy Kruger.


                        • highcaliberinc • 5 years ago

                          "They're rebooting the franchise and I understand that. I'm not the guy to put down remakes." -wow, now if someone ever had a real reason to bash the idea of a remake it would be Englund..but he didn't. So how come its impossible for all idiot fans that have no tangible connection with any of these films they complain about to do the same??

                          -Especially with the Halloween movies.. its getting real tired seeing everyone say how crappy the robZombie movies were. Most of the people who make these comments are talking out of their ass and usually don't say a single thing that holds water.

                          -..and lets be honest.. the original Nightmare doesn't really hold up too well. Its pretty corny and just because people enjoyed it( myself included) doesn't mean it was frickin CitizenKane.


                          • ed-wood • 5 years ago

                            I have a mild interest in this movie, I'll probably go see it. England is a cool dude though.


                            • thekingofamerica • 5 years ago

                              Ummmm, didn't really say much about the remake. Way to go Movieweb.


                              • zanyzap • 5 years ago

                                And why the f*ck are my cuss-words censored. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. ... That's kinda funny. Okay: immature moment complete. What a bunch of asterisks!


                                • zanyzap • 5 years ago

                                  That's cute, Vanboy...

                                  Kidding. I totally agree. Halloween was sh*t-in-a-mask compared to the horror classic. I didn't bother with the second.

                                  Even still, I'll most likely see this film, simply out of curiosity, rather than actual anticipation. If you see it as well, my advice is to watch the film with an impartial attitude. Who knows, maybe it'll be a fresh take on the iconic dream stalker. Or maybe, it'll be a Nightmare.

                                  For the duration of the remake, from the production logo to the credits, I think it's best-and I know, this will sound like blasphemy to a Freddy-Fan-to forget the original and watch the film as a standalone picture.


                                  • instead8909 • 5 years ago

                                    I'll watch it first before I judge it. If Robert feels that it's a good thing so be it, I sure hope that it doesn't blow up in his face.

                                    Why can't studios release their old films, ha it's just a thought.


                                    • vanboy • 5 years ago

                                      Englund will always be Freddy to me. I haven't seen the Halloween remakes either.

                                      "That's that last time I saw him. He lives now, only in my memories."


                                      • iamfratson • 5 years ago

                                        Fallen and Batman said it best. Robert served for so long as the character and you come to a point when you realize you cant do it anymore. He is fine with the passing of the torch. Jackie, imo, is one of the best possible actors I can see taking over that role. Esp after Watchmen, which Robert mentioned. That being said - quit naysaying about this movie just because they are rebooting it. Afterall, its not like the studios give 2 sh*ts if anyone bitches or not. Just like Avatar - everyone complained and then boom - everyone is on the bandwagon, except for maybe newkill. Jackie is very passionate about the role. It will be a success.


                                        • greatoz • 5 years ago

                                          With Robert Englunds blessing of Jackie Earl Haley, this movie has moved from a hack job to a genuine point of interest for me. Robert Englunds Freddy Kruger has been and always be a movie icon. Even if he is the bastard son of a thousand maniacs


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