EXCLUSIVE: ‘Saving Lincoln’ Clip

This true-story follows the relationship between our 16th President and his bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon, in theaters February 15th.
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Saving Lincoln’ Clip

We have an exclusive clip from Saving Lincoln, a true tale about our 16th President's long standing relationship with his self-appointed bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon. Here, we watch as Lincoln (Tom Amandes) and Hill (Lea Coco) visit a hospital of injured soldiers, with sets created from actual Civil War photographs. Check it out, and then visit the official website for more information: CLICK HERE

Based on a true story. When Abraham Lincoln (Tom Amandes) is elected President, he brings only one friend to Washington: his banjo-playing, joke-telling former law partner and confidant, Ward Hill Lamon (Lea Coco). Lamon is also large and handy with a gun, and when the first assassination attempt occurs in 1861, Lamon appoints himself the President's bodyguard. He serves Lincoln faithfully throughout the four years of the Civil War and from this unique perspective, Lamon witnesses every aspect of Lincoln's fiery trial as Commander-in-Chief, from the constant military and political pressure, to the personal losses of friends and family members. Lamon soothes Lincoln's tormented soul, saves him from repeated attempts on his life, and introduces him at the Gettysburg Address. Lamon is not present on that fateful night at Ford's Theater in 1865 because Lincoln sends him on a mission, yet it is Lamon who redefines that tragic event in a surprising and uplifting manner. This visually unique film features sets created from actual Civil War photographs.

Saving Lincoln was released February 15th, 2013.

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  • corey • 2 years ago

    I find it interesting that all the backgrounds are just black and white pictures. It doesn't look like that good of the movie, but I'll watch it for the history lesson.


    • mka47 • 2 years ago

      am i the only one that thinks this movie looks like a the biggest pile of sh*t ever?


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