EXCLUSIVE: ‘The to Do List’ Featurette 'Maggie Carey'

The writer-director breaks down the story behind her coming-of-age comedy. Aubrey Plaza stars as a teen determined to lose her virginity.
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The to Do List’ Featurette 'Maggie Carey'

Writer-director Maggie Carey explains the story behind her directorial debut The to Do List in our exclusive featurette for the Blu-ray and DVD release on November 19. Aubrey Plaza stars as Brandy Klark, the class valedictorian who becomes determined to lose her virginity in the summer before heading off to college. Take a look at this video, which includes scenes with Aubrey Plaza and Rachel Bilson, set to the 1990s 2 Live Crew hit "Me So Horny."

Class of '93 valedictorian Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) wants to get "educated" before she goes off to college, so she assembles a "to do list" of all the sexual activities she missed out on in high school. Quickly realizing that she's way out of her league, Brandy solicits her best friends, older sister (Rachel Bilson) and burnt-out boss (Bill Hader) for their help and advice. As Brandy crams for her sexual finals, a supporting cast of horny misfits- an orally-challenged classmate (Donald Glover), a grunge-singing doofus (Andy Samberg) - eagerly offer their assistance and shocking mayhem ensues...

Special Features:

  • "Maggie Carey: Directing her To-Do List" - Highlighting the vast comedic talent in the film

    - "Dirty Mouth" - An over-the-top featurette highlighting every naughty word or phrase uttered in the film in one big raunchy montage

    - Deleted Scenes

    - Commentary with Director Maggie Carey and Bill Hader

    - The Re-do List (gag-reel)

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