EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘Piranha 3D’ Jerry O'Connell, Paul Scheer, and Kelly Brook Interviews

The Wild Girl Gang gathers to discuss Alexandre Aja's gore-drenched killer fish thriller.
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Alexandre Aja's gore-soaked thriller Piranha 3D finally makes its way to theaters this Friday, August 20th. To help celebrate this epic end-of-summer, fun-in-the-sun bloody blowout featuring copious amounts of young nubile bodies, both naked and dead, we caught up with the film's Wild Girl posse, which consists of Jerry O'Connell, Paul Scheer, and Kelly Brook. Together, they star as a team of videographers who descend upon Spring Break to capture young women in exotic and mischievous acts. Only instead, they find themselves under attack by flesh hungry fish. To watch our exclusive interview, click on the video below:

Piranha 3D was released August 20th, 2010.

Sources: Paulington James Christensen III

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