Fake ‘Batman v Superman’ Script Written and Leaked by Kevin Smith?

Warner Bros. commissioned director Kevin Smith to write a fake script, throwing fans off the trailer of what Zack Sndyer is actually doing with ‘Dawn of Justice’.
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Fake ‘Batman v Superman’ Script Written and Leaked by Kevin Smith?

We just received an interesting tip from an anonymous source deep within the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production. This comes just moments after we posted a story about the introduction of three new, lesser-known heroes in the movie. http://movieweb.com/batman-v-superman-may-introduce-3-lesser-known-dc-comics-heroes/Badass Digest has gotten their hands on a pdf that claims to be the legitimate shooting script, and in it, there are a number of new secondary characters and locations. This came hot on the heels of Latino Review claiming four new villains were going to appear alongside Lex Luthor. Well, guess what? If we're to believe the email we just got our hands on, not only is the script fake...It was written by Kevin Smith!

Yes, that Kevin Smith. The director of Clerks and Red State. The guy who has been dropping Batman v Superman hints since the film was announced. The same guy who is best friends with Bruce Wayne himself, Ben Affleck.

Kevin Smith wrote the screenplay in conjunction with Warner Bros., with the studio purposely leaking the script to various movie bloggers and sites, helping to throw the scent off what director Zack Snyder was actually attempting to accomplish with Batman v Superman.

The account of events sounds pretty accurate, and lines up with what we've heard before, that Warner Bros. and DC Comics were going to throw a lot of red herrings into the water. Take a look at the letter, and decide for yourself if this news is true:

This isn't a scoop regarding the plot or the details of the Batman v Superman movie or am I writing you in order to spoil or disappoint the general public.

My insider info regards a who has been the source of the vast majority of leaked information as regards to the movie and more importantly why.

Up until last year I worked for as a PA for a Warner Bros. exec until I was promoted to marketing. It was here I and several others where approached to work, directly and indirectly, for Susanne Knoll and sometimes Deborah Snyder.

It was here that I became a part of a particular strategy that Warner Bros has been using to great effect.

Early this year a Screenplay for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was commissioned by Warner Bros was leaked to several gossip sites. It was a scanned PDF of the entire screenplay baring a official Warner Bros watermark.

This script has been the source of almost every leaked detail about the movie for the last six months. It has been posted on sites then quickly removed due to cease and desist letters from Warner Bros.

While the screenplay is legit and the watermark is legit and it is was commissioned by Charles Roven himself...

But it is written by neither David S. Goyer or Chris Terrio.

It was written by Kevin Smith.

Late last year both Charles Roven and Zack Snyder approached Kevin Smith with a early treatment for the film and It was Kevin Smith who came up with the idea to write an entire screenplay based on it but with several huge red herrings and changes which do not appear in the final film. These include plot points and characters etc etc. and 'leak' it online.

This script was distributed by myself and others to gossip sites and movie sites like aintitcool, latino review, movie pilot, etc etc

My job was to pose as a worker at Warner Bros who was leaking the screenplay.

There were several others involved who posed as recently fired members of the production, interns and special effects artists and we all spread the misleading info around the web.

None of this was done maliciously and was a strategy to misdirect much of sites that intended to spoil the film.

So nothing we've heard, except information in official press releases, has been true about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leading up to this point in time. What do you make of this new information? Do you love or hate Kevin Smith more now? And you think this strategy worked?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 25th, 2016.

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  • mieko-siede • 1 year ago

    The fact is, we were all going to speculate until there was nothing left to speculate about. Right through the first trailer we'd have come up with theories to things we'd like to have seen and reasons to be disappointed that non of it matched our imaginations. Why not, sense there is nearly two years between now and the release of the film, poke fun at the fans and in the same token gain some ideas for what they really want to see? It's pretty sweet. As several of others have even dared to say, genius, for them to do this. Not really knowing what to expect and being blown away by the unexpected is really what movie magic is all about and something that has been lost to time. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than have a play by play that falls short of the actual film when we see it. We already know some things to be true for sure. There IS a Batman and a Superman that will share the same screen. Wonder Woman WILL be a part of the narrative. This DOES lead to a much larger Justice League film. There will be lots of cameos. And even more intriguing than anything else, we WILL get a Batman unlike any there has been on the screen. It's going to be a true to comic book form movie that only Zack Snyder can pull off in the tone that is only unique to DC in film.


    • Jacobo-Cordoba • 1 year ago

      Really this Ahole need to back out of all this superman, batman, star wars stuff...its getting dumb...i mean he was hired to right bulsh*t and say bulsh*t. come on Warner dont you have other thing to take care of like, DO YOU F*CKN JOB. KS go fuc5 your sefl


      • dfella • 1 year ago

        so wat it doesn't matter real or fake just come wit da fukn film trailer


        • instead8909 • 1 year ago

          he is a good talker but besides that I don't judge him for what he does.


          • lilzook • 1 year ago

            he is so annoying..that fat piece of garbage needs to keep out of hollywood


            • ejk1 • 1 year ago

              @Rambling-Johnny Absolutely. Because there were ONLY two options to go with the story, and since this one may be a fake, we now know that it has to be the other option. It's so sad that WB/DC ONLY had two ways they could take the story, isn't it? I mean, there is NO possible way that there could be a third option...


              • test-0001 • 1 year ago

                You know he's going to get a cameo in this film, and he'll be playing himself in that stupid shirt.....he must have a huge portfolio of head shots of him doing different facial expressions and wearing masks and hats, wonder what tomorrow's picture will be?


                • Rambling-Johnny • 1 year ago

                  Bad idea now that we know we can look at that fake script and deduce what the story will be like just by knowing what it won't be.


                  • instead8909 • 1 year ago

                    When I read this yesterday I didn't believe it. For a busy guy Kevin looks as though he has a lot of time one his hands, I thought he was busy with a new film not leaching around the set of one of his friends.

                    I rather wait to find out the truth than hear about rumors or people telling lies.

                    Hollywood is getting worse.


                    • GRS • 1 year ago

                      Not a surprise. Seems like a common sense thing to do... but the entire thing could be another lie.


                      • Dr-Devious • 1 year ago

                        Kevin smith in my opinion is one of the biggest leaches going at the moment. instead of going away and making something...ya know...like a movie...all he does is hang around the batman/superman set posting selfies.


                        • Nick-Lee-37515083 • 1 year ago

                          @UCFTyler Be serious, the actor has blatantly denied the rumors about that, and even though you could say "He is under contract not to talk about it" just think, most people shrug it off, he came out and said he had no part in it what so ever, that is different.


                          • UCFTyler • 1 year ago

                            So every rumor that's come out about this movie is BS? No Jason Momoa as Aquaman? ;(


                            • ejk1 • 1 year ago

                              @ObiWanShinobi To saturate the market with theories. They want to keep people guessing, but give them enough time to get adjusted to whatever actually is the real deal.


                              • Brizzy • 1 year ago

                                That's... That's just.... *Applause*. You brilliant f*cking bastards.


                                • Daniel-S • 1 year ago

                                  F*cking BRILLIANT!!!


                                  • ObiWanShinobi • 1 year ago

                                    maybe the script leaks are true and this is a ploy to make us disregard them. i mean, this is the same studio that did inception. the ultimate mind f*ck movie. WB is mind f*cking us.

                                    Why reveal it was all fake two years before the movie is released? Too early. @ejk1


                                    • ejk1 • 1 year ago

                                      That...that's just genius.


                                      • ledouchee • 1 year ago



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